Amos Lee – Dying White Light Official Performance | Vevo

Amos Lee has been one of our go-to singer-songwriters for more than a decade now. His lyrics always reveal some kind of truth that we all know but can’t exactly put into words, and his melodies are indelible. Settle into a Lee show, and... Read more

Elle King – Three Thoughts on Spirits

Elle King is one of those artists who holds back nothing. When she rolls through a song, like her 2015 smash “Exe’s and Oh’s,” she’s giving 110%. That’s why people walk away from her shows shaking their heads and saying “holy sh!t.” When we... Read more

Lenny Kravitz – Lenny Kravitz Talks ‘Raise Vibration,’ And Why Love Still Rules

After three decades of thriving in the rock realm, Lenny Kravitz pulled up from a massive tour a few years ago and scratched his head. He wasn’t sure what the next move was, and worse, he didn’t even feel inspired to carry on. So... Read more

Amy Shark – Three Thoughts…On Perserverance

Amy Shark has told interviewers that she wrote her first song as a form of therapy – forget about a hit or career, it was just a way for a teen to articulate her feelings while strumming the guitar. But the Aussie singer with the global... Read more

Queen Naija – “Medicine” Official Performance | Vevo

My self-titled EP featuring “Karma” & “Medicine” is out now!!! Listen here : —– “Medicine” Official Performance | Vevo Look into the roots of strong R&B... Read more

Loren Gray – Three Thoughts…On Relationships

Yes, she’s a YouTube hero, pop culture celeb and social media influencer, but remember the realm where Loren Gray got her start: So between the makeup tutorials and candid friends ‘n’ fam moments, this Teen Choice... Read more