Stylized Character Sculpting – Ben De Angelis “Follygon” – Episode 18

Ben switch things up in this episode and asks the audience for some ideas on what to concept from scratch! Don’t miss out and be sure to tune in live to participate in future streams! Ben’s Monthly Schedule Available Here... Read more

Sculpting, 3D Printing, & ZBrush 2018 – T.S. Wittelsbach – Episode 42

Episode 41: Tomas continues to design and refine his ring from the previous episode! Submit your ZBrush files for Live Review by T.S. Wittelsbach!: Tomas’ Monthly Schedule Available Here... Read more

Live from Toy Fair 2019 – 3D Modeling for Toy Design with ZBrush – Aiman Akhtar – Episode 4

Aiman goes through his process in designing toys and shows some of his Fungisaurs in this episode! Aiman’s Monthly Schedule Available Here: Learn more about ZBrushLIVE... Read more