H15 Masterclass | Shading

This masterclass provides an overview of new and existing shading features in Houdini 15. This includes an introduction to the new SHOP shaders as well as shading and layering in VOPs. We also take a deeper look at working with BSDFs to build... Read more


This is a quick start tutorial for Houdini, a 3D animation and VFX software used for feature films, commercials and video games

Houdini Projects: Terrain Generation

Houdini Projects: Terrain Generation 1 00:00:00 – Intro 00:03:50 – Outline and Workflow 00:10:00 – Project Setup 00:15:03 – Terrain Gen with Sculpt SOP 00:31:46 – Topology Curves to Create Terrain 00:57:07 –... Read more

Houdini 14 Overview

With a new Position-Based Dynamics solver for granular simulation, new crowd pipeline tools, user interface enhancements and grooming tools for hair and fur, Houdini 14 brings a better user experience, improved scalability and optimized... Read more