Lighting and Baking Workflow: Blender Tutorial… – Download the Project Files Discover the complete workflow of setting up lighting in a nature scene. And then learn how to bake lighting for a blazing fast render (14 seconds per frame... Read more

Introduction: Sculpting in Blender

In this video you’ll learn how to use the sculpting tools (dynamic topology) in Blender 2.7 and how to sculpt a creature. Get access to download the video + bonus material as Patreon supporter: or on... Read more

Create a Realistic City

Learn how to create a realistic city in this in-depth Blender tutorial! Resources: Free Open Street Map Add on:…) (Alternatively you can download the City Map used in... Read more

Blender Tutorial: Photorealistic Ring

This Blender video demonstrates how to make a silver and turquoise ring. The texture for the turquoise stone uses a procedural texture and therefore requires no external image. Blender version 2.76b was used for this tutorial. This video shows... Read more

Blender 3D|Speed modeling|Мodel of the old house

Blender 3D|Speed modeling|Мodel of the old house Time: 4:50 Time speed modeling 0:21 Faces: 104,025 Objects: 154 Render: Cycles

Blender: creating lightsabers

This is a comprehensive tutorial on the topic of rigging, rotoscoping, rendering and compositing stable and unstable lightsaber blades from the viewport and video sequence editor. Examples: 0:00 Introductory Remarks: 0:49 Mask Modeling &... Read more