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Desi Hindi Hot Short Film | Hindi Short Films 2019 | Romantic Short Film 2019 | Bhabhi | Trending

Desi Hindi Hot Short Film | Hindi Short Films 2019 | Romantic Short Film 2019 | Bhabhi | Trending

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My House Blew Up | Minecraft Short Film

My House Blew Up | Minecraft Short Film

This is a short film or my house blowing up. Like and subscribe



GAISSSS... akhirnya final episode maaf ya cuma 2 semoga walau cuma 2 tetap berkesan asekkk!🦖🦖🦖 nanti aku but short film lagi ya yang lebih gak cuma buat tugas🤗🤗✨✨ btw makasih aco & ka obot sudah bertugas baik divideo ini and also kak begin. Waktu itu aku galau terus chat dia malem2 buat bikinin lagu ini yang iseng dan sekarang berguna anjay🥰🥰🥰🥰 emang patah hati tuh bisa menciptakan sebuah maha karya yang.....🖤🖤🥺🥺 gitu deh


  1. OrangeAnimation
    MASHEMON UwU 20 November 2019

    Actually, That's my life.
    But there's no one that tells me that I'm not alone

  2. OrangeAnimation
    deppressed 555 21 November 2019

    My friend at school once said "What If I never existed" And I said " I probably wouldn't exist either" Because she stopped me from doing suicide
    I love her for that

  3. OrangeAnimation
    Weirdcor’32 Gigi 21 November 2019

    People with depression are the ones that make you laugh the most because they rather make other people happy then themselves they take everyday a bullet and they keep on going but they try they are the strongest most experienced most funny people they appreciate what they have to be happy they love people even though they don’t know how to love themselves they see themselves as someone worthless but they are champions because everyday is already a accomplishment for them.

  4. OrangeAnimation
    Wreckit Lethal 21 November 2019

    You figure out your depressed at 33 when you watch this and cry … deaths seems more comfortable for people like us in a depressive state , but it’s not the answer to what you seek

  5. OrangeAnimation
    Just Another Being 21 November 2019

    I don’t think this is a good portrayal of depression
    It’s not just something that comes from a crappy life.
    It’s not a “man my moms a dick my classmates are dicks and everything sucks” kind of deal. It’s a mental disorder, and it’s a lot more complicated than “every day sucks”
    Even people with great lives can suffer from depression.
    You know the phrase “lonely in a crowd?” Even though there are people everywhere, you still feel like you’re alone
    Depression can be similar to that, when your life is good, but you still have depression. While it is much more likely in a bad life than a good, it’s not just about how good your life is

  6. OrangeAnimation
    Lasagna 21 November 2019

    My situation is way worse than hers.

    Her life is fucking amazing compared to mines

  7. OrangeAnimation
    Kajus MARKUNAS 21 November 2019

    I'm also lonely in school I don't have any friends and I don't know what to do 😭😭😭😭

  8. OrangeAnimation
    nalisa claws 22 November 2019

    Probably I'll be the only one here who has got tons of friends,some very close ones and the truth is I'll be sad when I'll be ending school in 3 days.
    I'll miss it.
    Very much.

  9. OrangeAnimation
    :YoungLezHere: 22 November 2019

    wow….this is relatable…

  10. OrangeAnimation
    Hayli Turner 23 November 2019

    no one cares
    and i get bullied
    and you don't know if you belong
    i barley see my dad
    this is me
    in fact i'm depressed right now as your reading this
    but ik one thing i'm apart of many lies but i also k i'm apart of lifes and i shouldn't give up now and leave all the lives i'm apart of and neither should you
    this is me

  11. OrangeAnimation
    Eva Cudgel 23 November 2019

    You know, I’ve cried in front of my friends before and they’ve asked if I was ok, and I’ve smiled and said yes, is this weird?

  12. OrangeAnimation
    Kaytlynn Montoya 23 November 2019

    Im not here to list why I'm lonely I'm here to tell you that depression is a giant monster on your shoulders weighing you down until your willing to try and kill yourself. But you can also find so much, I know that seems hard and stressful, believe me it is, but you have to distract yourself from taking your own life and not wanting to live it. I know things can be tough at home, at school, anywhere you go but just remember I want you here, even if you don't know me and j don't know you I love you and I want you to stay here ❤

  13. OrangeAnimation
    Marc Velliano 24 November 2019

    This won an award??

  14. OrangeAnimation
    Mr mister 24 November 2019


  15. OrangeAnimation
    subscribe to me for no reason. 285 24 November 2019

    Wait… You know I like pizza right!

  16. OrangeAnimation
    Kinkas Bordam 24 November 2019

    Sorry! Be strong girl

  17. OrangeAnimation
    Emil 123 24 November 2019

    Isn't it weird that people just have deadly drugs just randomly laying in the bathroom

  18. OrangeAnimation
    Thales of Malinda 25 November 2019

    Imagine her going to a counselor to be told "I dont have time". That's the ultimate shit kicker

  19. OrangeAnimation
    Iron Fox 25 November 2019

    Depression is a lot more dark and complicated than this

  20. OrangeAnimation
    Ava-Leigh Taylor 25 November 2019

    I'm not alive for any reason

  21. OrangeAnimation
    Areee Ash 25 November 2019

    When you're surrounded by a thousand people but still alone…

  22. OrangeAnimation
    BACKUP KS 26 November 2019


  23. OrangeAnimation
    XXXTENTACION 26 November 2019

    Love it

  24. OrangeAnimation
    Andreas Breithof 26 November 2019

    I guess I’m the only one whitout parents getting bullied :c

  25. OrangeAnimation
    Unicorn Frappaccino 27 November 2019

    Omg that was soo heart warming and soo heart braking that was soo good congrats

  26. OrangeAnimation
    Nebulia Songs 27 November 2019

    “Place your hand on your heart. Can you feel it? That is called a purpose. You’re alive for a reason so don’t ever give up.”
    I cried as soon as I read this, and I think this is a quote that will help me and so many other people to keep fighting❤️😢

  27. OrangeAnimation
    sfx / fake injuries 27 November 2019

    I know I'm not alone but depression makes you feel alone and unwanted

  28. OrangeAnimation
    Kookie ARMY 27 November 2019

    Now a days I feel like I am a fool , it's not like I don't have friends but whenever I look at them I feel like I am a loser between them . my friend are creative , athletic , beautiful and alot more than me . I just put up a smile and go, my friends can go around with any group cause every one wants to be with them and who cares about me . I still feel like I am a loser and It would be better if I was never in their life ,I want to die

    And I am not making it up it's the feeling Inside me
    Every day I feel like cutting myself but I am to scared if my parents found out they are going to scold me …..
    I am such a brat by saying that

    Sorry for wasting ur time bye..

  29. OrangeAnimation
    doctor jackol 28 November 2019

    i have no friends so i feel depressed everyday…i am of no importance to this world but i am still dreaming big in my lonely world…

  30. OrangeAnimation
    Minux 28 November 2019


  31. OrangeAnimation
    KeynoteGirl 61 29 November 2019

    I don't feel my purpose

  32. OrangeAnimation
    Sophia Gonzales 30 November 2019

    YoU should’ve been here 10 minutes ago

  33. OrangeAnimation
    SnowAngel xoxo 30 November 2019

    Omg think about this , the girl has a friend who obviously cares about her, giving her food, making sure she eats, and a JOB that pays. The kid doesn’t bully her into doing his work, she chooses. Her life isn’t as bad as she thinks it is. Seriously. My cousin is suicidal right now and they’re being physically bullied, have 0 friends, terrible grades, and abusive adoptive parents. Nothing good in his life now. That girl has it pretty good compared to others

  34. OrangeAnimation
    Crisfilms 30 November 2019

    I need a companion.

  35. OrangeAnimation
    ThePerson InThePlace 30 November 2019

    Excuse me

  36. OrangeAnimation
    Ayden Hansen 30 November 2019

    I mean when I'm late for school nobody's there waiting for me to get there. She has someone waiting for her there.
    ( I'm home schooled)😐

  37. OrangeAnimation
    Ayden Hansen 30 November 2019

    Shes the one who gave of the pizza

  38. OrangeAnimation
    Plant birbb 30 November 2019

    I hate it when people called me an attention seeker,like- mAn i DoNt EvEn hAvE a SinGlE FRiEnD tO liSteN to ME WhEn iM sAd oR DepReSsEd

  39. OrangeAnimation
    Lorraine Daniel’s 30 November 2019

    I really felt really sorry for this sweetheart young lady God bless her it breaks my heart to see that l suffer white depression and anxiety and l get thing's in my head about having a Nuff of live so hunn l now that feeling and this sweetheart lady who stops you from tackling all of them pill is a garden 👉👉👉😇😇😇👈👈👈l love you lot's and lot's love from lorraine Daniel's white special need's and I am autistic YouTube video's tack really good care hunn and please have a good Christmas and a really good new year to God bless you to 💋💋💋💋💋💋

  40. OrangeAnimation
    Lorraine Daniel’s 30 November 2019

    I have subscribed and turned on your notification's and liked 💚💚💚💚💚💚

  41. OrangeAnimation
    Hi- I Exist 1 December 2019

    I have anxiety
    I have depression
    I don’t have friends
    I look ugly
    People avoid me

    Tall girl: You think your life is hard? I wear size 13 Nike’s

  42. OrangeAnimation
    Divyasri Rajani 1 December 2019

    But my life full failure how can I live

  43. OrangeAnimation
    IQ CEOvip3r 1 December 2019

    Fam i relate to this

  44. OrangeAnimation
    Josué Aguilar 2001 1 December 2019

    People who have this one day, doesn’t mean you’re depressed. People who go through this day everyday are. Don’t take advantage of depression, because there are people who actually are and get overlooked due to all the fakers and attention seekers.

  45. OrangeAnimation
    Lotus Pettersson 1 December 2019

    I will love to be her friend then someone cloud finily understasnd me pepole think I have the perfect life and like you so good at everything. Yeah they are good friends but I knoe some of them dont like or egen care for me in the way I do for them. They never seme to notic what I do for them

  46. OrangeAnimation
    Lotus Pettersson 1 December 2019

    The easyest thing to be what ever you do you will always be sad there is nothing you can do😞

  47. OrangeAnimation
    Kim Namjoon 2 December 2019

    I'm sorry to offend you but to be honest depression is darker than this.This is more like outcast or something:<

  48. OrangeAnimation
    Depressão e Ansiedade 3 December 2019

    Vote realmente não consegue ter ânimo pra nada com depressão, não consigo nem fazer meus trabalhos da escola…

  49. OrangeAnimation
    Parizoda Davronova 4 December 2019

    I have so many friends they’re really nice you know when someone makes me cry my guys friends would fight with them they’ll protect me and my best friends are really nice to me It feels like I’m not alone but there’s something in me that always makes me sad and depressed I don’t know what it is but I know that it’s something

  50. OrangeAnimation
    *TXRREZ* 4 December 2019

    This is cringe😬

  51. OrangeAnimation
    Arriana Ronco 4 December 2019

    Little Girl: Whats on your arm?

    Me: They're battle scars.

    Little Girl: You fought in a war?

    Me: Yeah. A long and hard one.

    Little Girl: Thats so cool! Can I get one?

    Me: No. Please do not ever get any. But I'll

    tell you what. Whenever you see someone

    else with battle scars, I want you to go

    give them a hug, okay? Can you promise


    Little Girl: Yes, I promise.

    A few days later we went to a short shopping spree. Suddenly the little girl let go of my hand and ran up to another random teenager.

    Teen: Why are you hugging me?

    Little girl: Because… points you have

    battle scars just like my babysitter.

    The teen looks up at me, and I roll up my sleeve to show her. With tears in her eyes, she says one thing to me…

    Teen: My war is far from being finished yet, but I'm not done fighting.

    She bends down at eye level at the little girl

    Teen: Thanks for giving me the strength

    to keep fighting. You are forever my war

    hero————————————————————–not my story, just wanted it to have more attention. do not credit me

  52. OrangeAnimation
    Jillian Evans 4 December 2019

    Why dose she sit on
    That side of the bed

  53. OrangeAnimation
    Jillian Evans 4 December 2019

    Who is here because their depressed like if ur here bc that

  54. OrangeAnimation
  55. OrangeAnimation
    The Known 4 December 2019

    Any one want somebody to talk to…I'm here and I understand you

    (if I don't reply I'm really sorry)

  56. OrangeAnimation
    AutumnCoyote24 4 December 2019

    I never took this song seriously, but now I'm starting too.

  57. OrangeAnimation
    Claire Bryna 5 December 2019

    And then there's me depressed and alone

  58. OrangeAnimation
    bone 5 December 2019

    Award winning? This was recorded on a Nokia

  59. OrangeAnimation
    Fridolin 5 December 2019

    This is the worst try to portray depression i have ever seen

  60. OrangeAnimation
    -WingedWolf- Productions 6 December 2019

    She's not alone…

    Every single day. Im forced to put a smile on. Forced to force a laugh out of my throat. Forced to pretend I like someone…and no matter who im next to…I always feel so…alone…and it hurts…I want to be alone…just away from this hideous reality…away from people…cant telling whos real or not…But I hate being alone…hate seeing people look at me like a weirdo…hate the fact that nobody understands me…the fact that…I lost my friends for just trying to tell them how I have been feeling…Nobody understands me…I dont like being alone…but I want to be alone…

  61. OrangeAnimation
    Smack The Haters 6 December 2019

    i love you.

  62. OrangeAnimation
    Jonah Saili 6 December 2019

    I couldn't feel anything

  63. OrangeAnimation
    Alva Kärrdin 6 December 2019

    Nobody know..

  64. OrangeAnimation
    Peter L 6 December 2019

    Depressed? Check out this short film?

  65. OrangeAnimation
    Vornador 6 December 2019

    2:58 I know this is a depression video but you gotta admit, that was pretty funny😂.

  66. OrangeAnimation
    Vania Maldonado 6 December 2019

    I'm sad 😭

  67. OrangeAnimation
    Tia Holliday 6 December 2019

    I used to be depressed, but I was treated. But even though I feel fine, I'm tired of everyone asking me if I'm OK. Ever since people found out I had depression its like I'm a different person. People keep treating me like a poor helpless child and I'm tired of it. Sometimes I wish I could go back to the times where I was suffering in silence, because at least people treated me normally. Does that make sense? Probably not. It doesn't make sense to anyone….

  68. OrangeAnimation
    Gracie B 7 December 2019

    Humans don’t actually have a purpose. We give nothing to the earth we just take from it.

  69. OrangeAnimation
    Anya Bollinger 7 December 2019

    At the end, when it said, “You’re alive for a reason so don’t ever give up.” Well I would like to know the reason because life is disappointing

  70. OrangeAnimation
    lululoves 11 7 December 2019


  71. OrangeAnimation
    Megan And Kacie 7 December 2019

    My parents divorced

    My dad drug deals

    My sister has 5 mental illnesses

    I might have an eating disorder (I won’t say which one, it’s embarrassing)

    I have no friends

    I self harm

    I get bullied

    I was sexually assaulted at school 4 days ago

    A girl told everyone that I bullied her (she bullied me) and now everyone hates me for it

    The list goes on and on but I still fake a smile

  72. OrangeAnimation
    JARON SUCRO 7 December 2019

    It's like the third person view of my life

  73. OrangeAnimation
    Mia Miller 7 December 2019

    im always so lonley in school i cant take this anymore…

  74. OrangeAnimation
    Makaylah Grimes 8 December 2019

    This hits hard.

  75. OrangeAnimation
    jellie unicorn 8 December 2019

    I was crying in my room cause the voices in my head got a little to loud and my mom walked in and asked me if I was ok. I told her I'm stressed about school so she told everyone and told me I was being extra.

  76. OrangeAnimation
    Cody Dixon 8 December 2019

    Why cant any boys just help her out???
    That will proove how man they are, them dressing up tough isn't man enough.
    Real man is when he can change any woman's life.
    Only Shah Rukh Khan made it his way in life with 2 mansions just by helping women even if she can't help back.

  77. OrangeAnimation
    Diana Červená 8 December 2019

    I'm forever alone 😥😥😥 I don't like my life …

  78. OrangeAnimation
    Peppa Pig 8 December 2019

    I’m not depressed but at school I always feel alone.

  79. OrangeAnimation
    XxÃřîãñãğřãñđēxX of avaaa 8 December 2019

    B-but im a-alone…

  80. OrangeAnimation
    MLG Doomer LP 8 December 2019

    I hate my life

  81. OrangeAnimation
    Garra mon 9 December 2019

    I'm almost 40 and I feel like i been alone my hole life.

  82. OrangeAnimation
    Ashley Baker 9 December 2019

    Who else hated the teacher.


  83. OrangeAnimation
    Wolfinator 97 9 December 2019

    My friend died, and, until recently, the thought of being depressed never came to mind. I had a basic understanding of what it meant, and what it could mean for me. I still feel alone, like I was not made for friendships, like I will be friendless forever, this will be my life. I wish that I weren't such an idiot as to push away everyone, family, the one person trying to be my friend. I just put up walls and tear myself down, ripping apart, slowly, painfully. I haven't been diagnosed with depression of any kind, but I have been diagnosed/freakin labeled with asperger's/autism, screw you pro doctors.

  84. OrangeAnimation
    Wolfinator 97 9 December 2019

    I haven't felt more alone since sixth grade, just move the scheduled bullying to the bus, remove my brother from the situation, and include a death popping in out of nowhere. I never thought that I'd be the one dealing with this, I've never been good at making, let alone keeping friends. It doesn't help me that nobody in that freakin school cares about each other. I was not meant for friends, relationships, life, any of this human crep.

  85. OrangeAnimation
    Gianna 9 December 2019

    I wrote and recorded a lofi r&b song about being lonely but wanting to be alone while dealing with depression. It’s on my channel, go check it out. It’s a cathartic vibe ❤️ stay strong guys

  86. OrangeAnimation
    Iamhappythingy 9 December 2019


  87. OrangeAnimation
    Iamhappythingy 9 December 2019

    How is this award winning

  88. OrangeAnimation
    Zachary Brannon 10 December 2019

    I technically don't have depression but I have difficulty finding out what my own emotions are and recently I have just been like why is everything going wrong

  89. OrangeAnimation
    Poketrainer Airon 10 December 2019

    I did something wrong and now i have no friend

  90. OrangeAnimation
    B l e s s e d_ V j _ A c o s t a 11 December 2019

    Ha if u wanna y’all talk about depression then don’t act show the real thing bro

  91. OrangeAnimation
    Gold Grace 11 December 2019

    I don’t know why every short film has to include the phrase ‘award winning.’

  92. OrangeAnimation
    • すかい • Sukai • 707 11 December 2019

    This is true

  93. OrangeAnimation
    maddie angel 11 December 2019

    does anyone else go through periods where you are very depressed/sad/show symptoms of depression.. and then you “get better” for a bit.. then it goes right back?
    just me?

  94. OrangeAnimation
    Samantha Cheetah 12 December 2019


  95. OrangeAnimation
    420 Harley Quinn 12 December 2019

    Wow now that is sad, and this topic need to be brought up more and talked about. I know it was kind of bad acting but dang what got to me was the last part when they said your not alone!

  96. OrangeAnimation
    MiraculousPeaunut ‘ 13 December 2019

    You have anxiety from being around so many people, yet you feel alone.
    You want help, yet you want to be alone.

    I understand 🙁

    I hope one day I can get the help I want. I trap myself in my closet, and cry. My mom says she’ll get me therapy, she forgets the next day.
    No one remembers, or hears, or cares.

    But someone out there does.

    I do. 🙂

  97. OrangeAnimation
    Skykiz hi 13 December 2019

    If you have bad depression you wont feel anything from this.

  98. OrangeAnimation
    Owais ALI 13 December 2019

    4:55thats not unknown its u

  99. OrangeAnimation
    •{lina gamer}• 13 December 2019

    I don't wanna be in depression….. i just wanna he a loner….and away from fake friends.

  100. OrangeAnimation
    Loisze Perez 13 December 2019

    Depression starts with your family ;(

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