Code 8 – Short Film [2016]

Feature film COMING SOON:

A desperate young man possessing special powers clashes with a militarized police force after committing a petty crime.

Code 8 is an action/science fiction short film, produced as a proof of concept for a feature film version to be filmed later this year.

Director: Jeff Chan
Writers: Jeff Chan & Chris Paré
Producers: Jeff Chan, Tommy Dingwall, Chris Paré
Executive Producers: Robbie Amell, Stephen Amell, Geoff McLean
Co-Producers: Art Chong, Billie Aleman

TAYLOR REED – Robbie Amell
ALEX PARK – Sung Kang
FREDDIE – Aaron Abrams
DRONE PILOT – Stephen Amell
DIXON – Chad Donella
BIG JOE – Alfred Rubin Thompson
REPORTER – Christine Pagulayan
JUSTIN REED – Jack Horan
GRANDMA – Phyllis Politowicz
DRONE PILOT 2 – Jeff Sinisac
DRONE PILOT 3 – Peter Huang,
DRONE PILOT 4 – Ryan Freer
DISPATCH 1 – Patrice Henry
DISPATCH 2 – Italia Ricci
DISPATCH 3 – Tonya Dodds Sinisac

Director of Photography: Alex Disenhof

Production Designer: Brandon Mendez

Composer: Ryan Taubert

Storyboard Artists: Andy Cung, Stephanie J. Stine and Michael Fong

Additional Concept Art: Michael Tran, Nicolas Pierquin

Editorial: Married to Giants
Editor: Skinner
Assistant editor: Jamey Wieser
Executive Producer: Denise Shearer

Visual Effects:
Playfight VFX

VFX Supervisor – William Chang
Creative Director – Ryan Freer
Technical Director – Sang Hoon Hwang
VFX Producer – Brian Huynh
Post Supervisor – Steven Huynh
CG Supervisor – Josh George
Production Manager / VFX Generalist – Sophia Jooyeon Lee
3D & Texture Lead – Justin Perreault
VFX Generalist – Melissa Costa
VFX Generalist – Shaashaank Sreenivasan
VFX Generalist – Adam Collver
Matte Painter / VFX Generalist – Jordan Jardine
VFX Generalist – Spencer Wyatt
VFX Generalist – Calvin Hui

HUD & Titles Design and Animation by reactiv
Creative Director: Alon Isocianu
Animators: Jacob Doforno, Gavenesh Patel, Scott Mulligan & Alon Isocianu
Producers: Anna Junger & Alex Nursall

Colour: Alter Ego
Colourist: Wade Odlum
Colour Assistant: Patrick Samaniego
Producer: Jane Garrah
Executive Producer: Greg Edgar

Post Sound: Mach Sound Studios
Sound Editorial: Steve Blair, Dustin Harris
Re-recording Mixers: Ian Rodness, Bruce Fleming

Production Manager – Billie Aleman
1st A.D. – Buzz Hughes, Dave Caspar
2nd A.D. – JD, Racole “Cole” Fisher
A Cam – 1st AC – Dennis Noack
A Cam – 2nd AC – Tamy Santos
B Cam Operator – Alex Kornreich
B Cam- 1st AC – Marcello Altieri
B Cam – 2nd AC – Owen Patry
Drone Operator – Franck Tabouring
Gaffer – Matt Kubas
Best Boy Electric – JC “Spike” Osorio
Key Grip – Andrew Barton
Grip – Mike West
Best Boy Grip – Corey Doyle, Tyler Gutierrez
Set Decorator – Christian Corio
Prop Master – David Tyler Howell
Set Dresser – Chris Newell
Stylist – Alex Cohen
Stylist Asst – Caroline Dingwall
Hair / Makeup – Melissa Meinhart
Makeup – Sioux Sinclair
Sound Mixer – Joe Bartone
Production Assistants – Annie Dingwal, Brittany Meyerhardt, Cliff Breakfield, Conor Bailey, Joe Brown, Alex Dolan,
Locations – Rosalee Mayeux

“Cola Cola”
Produced by: Didier Tovel

“Jameson Ave.”
Produced by: Rich Kidd
Naturally Born Strangers

This film could not have been made without the generous support by Radiant Images, Married to Giants, Alter Ego, Eggplant Pictures, Mach Sound Studios, Vision Film Co, Frank Content, GO Film, Playfight VFX, Reactiv Pictures, Movie Armaments Group, Picture Vehicle Specialties and Cinespace Studios.

Jim Mirkopoulos
Michael Mansouri
Dave Conlon
Danielle Kappy
Michael Schwartz
Gary Rose
Adam Damelin
Walter Barnett
Martin Gero
G&L Real Estate
Lambert Oil
Officer Matt Girgenti
Natalie Paré
Evan Landry
Peter Huang
Peter Cullingford
Matt Harrison
Officer Richard Garrett, 14th Division
Greg Griffin
Jens Jacob
Dominique Van Olm

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My House Blew Up | Minecraft Short Film

My House Blew Up | Minecraft Short Film

This is a short film or my house blowing up. Like and subscribe



GAISSSS... akhirnya final episode maaf ya cuma 2 semoga walau cuma 2 tetap berkesan asekkk!🦖🦖🦖 nanti aku but short film lagi ya yang lebih gak cuma buat tugas🤗🤗✨✨ btw makasih aco & ka obot sudah bertugas baik divideo ini and also kak begin. Waktu itu aku galau terus chat dia malem2 buat bikinin lagu ini yang iseng dan sekarang berguna anjay🥰🥰🥰🥰 emang patah hati tuh bisa menciptakan sebuah maha karya yang.....🖤🖤🥺🥺 gitu deh


  1. OrangeAnimation
    Code 8 Movie 31 May 2019

    Check out for updates on the status of the FEATURE FILM for Code 8! Coming soon…

  2. OrangeAnimation
    humenflash 19 November 2019

    force surhumaine mais pas la résistance qui va avec… damn…

  3. OrangeAnimation
    humenflash 19 November 2019

    force surhumaine mais pas la résistance qui va avec… damn…

  4. OrangeAnimation
    Lilz.MonkeyBoy 20 November 2019

    Are those in the thumbnail come from the Vex?

  5. OrangeAnimation
    Evan Tomiko 20 November 2019

    This it's good. I like it.

  6. OrangeAnimation
    glanceDup 20 November 2019

    Am watching this b4 deciding whether to watch the film in cinema.

    Edit: Definitely going to watch it.

  7. OrangeAnimation
    Altruistic 20 November 2019

    Typical US police, very trigger happy.

  8. OrangeAnimation
    Leandro Bozano 21 November 2019

    Ronie Oliver Han and star Shappie

  9. OrangeAnimation
    Sensei Christopher Shabazz 21 November 2019

    I liked it. I would like to watch a full movie of this. When will it be coming out?

  10. OrangeAnimation
    andy telasai 22 November 2019

    I just saw the movie in the cinema here in Malaysia and wow!!! Hands down one of the best movies of the year!

  11. OrangeAnimation
    Huuney Bear 22 November 2019


  12. OrangeAnimation
    Reecemanw 22 November 2019

    This NEEDS to be a series asap because damn does this look gooood

  13. OrangeAnimation
    EDH 1970 23 November 2019

    saw this short version this morning and man just can't wait for the full length now.

  14. OrangeAnimation
    Esteban Ayala 23 November 2019

    Can this be a full-fledged movie please please this is really good work

  15. OrangeAnimation

    When it‘s getting started the movie ends. Hm
    Nice look, nice acting, nice effects, nice sound, nice nice nice, but this isn’t a movie, its an intro.

  16. OrangeAnimation
    mount d3w 24 November 2019

    Where F can I watch this, looks amazing

  17. OrangeAnimation
    Khianat Cilanat 24 November 2019

    Oh my god. This is fuckin good. This shit is going on my must watch list.

  18. OrangeAnimation
    mike delaney 25 November 2019

    Looks so good

  19. OrangeAnimation
    Doctor who a 26 November 2019

    The name pls

  20. OrangeAnimation
    Hiroko Takashiro 30 November 2019

    This was kinda cool til the scene with the cops, it such an over played trope oh well maybe the rest will be better.

  21. OrangeAnimation
    Retro Gaming – Clash Of Clans 1 December 2019

    crypto drone huh

  22. OrangeAnimation
    JoeNoIce 2 December 2019

    i knew it was going to get a full length movie.

  23. OrangeAnimation
    Utmost Character 2 December 2019

    They makin a movie out of this boys. No wonder Robbie's character is central… he's an EMP

  24. OrangeAnimation
    SleepBringer 2 December 2019

    Any one else hear that Tony Montana Okay!?

  25. OrangeAnimation
    JFields4 3 December 2019

    Is This Part Of The Actual Film?

  26. OrangeAnimation
    Aaron Asir 3 December 2019

    Absolutely brilliant beyond impressed.

  27. OrangeAnimation
    Jarett Harris 4 December 2019

    I would've shot em to bad the officer didn't

  28. OrangeAnimation
    Jack Durry 4 December 2019

    they should mate this a movie

  29. OrangeAnimation
    Uthark Runa 4 December 2019

    Just watched the movie preview. This is brilliant.

  30. OrangeAnimation
    Protoscribe 5 December 2019

    Just saw the trailer for the full movie and came here. OMG please release now!!!

  31. OrangeAnimation
    Eric Price 5 December 2019

    December 13th release date👍

  32. OrangeAnimation
    Хлебушэк 5 December 2019

    Блин человеку который делает это,спонсоров,фильм наверняка получился бы довольно крутым и популярным.

  33. OrangeAnimation
    Alex 5 December 2019

    This is not even fiction, it's happening today. Look what the so-called "police" is doing in places like HongKong, Chile, China even in the USA.

  34. OrangeAnimation
    Hans Henning 5 December 2019

    you guys did an amazing job, thank you

  35. OrangeAnimation
    blackspade1 6 December 2019


  36. OrangeAnimation
    Popcorn Time 6 December 2019

    I can see why they made this to a full film. The content is just screaming quality!

  37. OrangeAnimation
    Жамшед Зоиров 6 December 2019

    Как это фильм назывался кто знает Скажи пожалуйста Заранее спасибо

  38. OrangeAnimation
    Mika-Corp 7 December 2019

    This is dopw

  39. OrangeAnimation
    James Darnley 7 December 2019

    I wonder if anymore cw actors are going to appering on this show/movie

  40. OrangeAnimation
    IcyWolfProductions 21 7 December 2019

    Oh my god this is so good!

  41. OrangeAnimation
    Jeff White 7 December 2019

    I wish this was a Hulu or Netfix series. Can't wait to swipe my card for this one!

  42. OrangeAnimation
    Domingo Rio 7 December 2019

    Digital totalitarian scene is really in CCP contorlled China.

  43. OrangeAnimation
    Zorro Computers 7 December 2019

    Don't be stupid , you smash all the windows next month, when no one sees.

  44. OrangeAnimation
    tsteff69 7 December 2019

    It’s about freakin’ time, been waiting, what like 3+ years?

  45. OrangeAnimation
    OtakulunZ 8 December 2019

    Human with superhuman abilities that normal people were scared of it…..
    Anime: Concrete Revolutio

  46. OrangeAnimation
    WalkerBear 8 December 2019

    black guy foreman. white guy illegal workers, asian and mexican cop. Over $40 you decided to act like a child and break a guys window. Then be violent against a cop which gets your buddy killed. Then just runs away. What shit writing. Now you've ended your buddies life and ruined your own over $40. hahahahaha

  47. OrangeAnimation
    OtakulunZ 8 December 2019

    From Short Film to Full Movie… 😯😆

  48. OrangeAnimation
    nunzio varsalona 8 December 2019

    Questo film lascerà il segno. Veramente notevole. Bravi 👏

  49. OrangeAnimation
    Joseph Alan Oliveros 8 December 2019

    Firestorm fakes his death and comes back with Black Lightning's powers. Caitlin's missing you son.

  50. OrangeAnimation
    banksmoney1 8 December 2019

    Good looking movie 🙌🏾👍🏾👏🏾✌🏾

  51. OrangeAnimation
    Mi chi 8 December 2019

    It's like Machete in the future

  52. OrangeAnimation
    Jim Cameron 8 December 2019

    Spoiler Alert: I was lucky to star as the forthcoming special known as "High Level Body Odor" … and man it is the da' Bumb!

  53. OrangeAnimation
    Matt D 8 December 2019

    Anyone seen that trailer of a yellow robot on a construction site?

  54. OrangeAnimation
    Ban Bekas 8 December 2019


  55. OrangeAnimation
    RED-P 2000 8 December 2019


  56. OrangeAnimation
    K.G.B 8 December 2019

    Im getting combine vibes…

  57. OrangeAnimation
    One Graphics 8 December 2019

    fuck yeah i cant wait to see this!!!!!!!!

  58. OrangeAnimation
    Raphael Gallo 9 December 2019

    Fkin beautiful

  59. OrangeAnimation
    dustisdeadbodies85 9 December 2019


  60. OrangeAnimation
    R C//* 9 December 2019

    when is this movie coming out? 2047??

  61. OrangeAnimation
    Robert Obuchowski 9 December 2019

    scam movie! stay away.

  62. OrangeAnimation
    aver muradin 9 December 2019

    Fucking mutant kill them all

  63. OrangeAnimation
    Tormented Soul 9 December 2019

    This looks like it might be worth watching. I like this genre of films/movies.

  64. OrangeAnimation
    majed8192 9 December 2019

    As I'm writing my comment I'm excited to watch this short film because it was so good that it warranted a sequel, a movie sequel
    Edit: did not disappoint

  65. OrangeAnimation
    Vantroy Chambers 9 December 2019

    Could this be the spiritual sequel to "Glass"

  66. OrangeAnimation
    Local Man 9 December 2019

    Awesome that this has been green lit for a feature length, movie. Hopefully we do not have to wait too long, as I would love to see this.

  67. OrangeAnimation
    Dominus Fons 9 December 2019

    If I ever become a villain, I will use nano-drones instead so no protagonists can ever see that I’m surveilling them…which meant I’m always a step from them.

  68. OrangeAnimation
    Sam Hey 9 December 2019

    I cannot wait for this movie real soon is it due to release this friday?

  69. OrangeAnimation
    Marcus Holland 9 December 2019

    You can really tell that’s its Stephen Amell’s voice with the robots.

  70. OrangeAnimation
    frederic lalonde 10 December 2019

    i want more

  71. OrangeAnimation
    Athan Reynoso 10 December 2019

    Haven't been excited for a movie in a while.

  72. OrangeAnimation
    Sherry 10 December 2019

    Has the whole movie been made? And where can I find it and buy it please 😊

  73. OrangeAnimation
    Sherry 10 December 2019

    Cannot wait to see the full movie. Job well done. Congratulations 😊

  74. OrangeAnimation
    Carlo DeVito 10 December 2019

    Epic storyline 🔥🔥🔥

  75. OrangeAnimation
    wolf peters 11 December 2019

    Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh! So fuckn gooooooood!

  76. OrangeAnimation
    W D 11 December 2019


  77. OrangeAnimation
    Abdullah Gilani 11 December 2019

    Can't wait for the movie to come out. Reminds me of district 9.

  78. OrangeAnimation
    FLYING DUCK 11 December 2019

    No one is REALIZING that this was 3 years ago

  79. OrangeAnimation
    Ronald Chang 11 December 2019

    I can't believe this is happening! Movie is out now! It's been years!!

  80. OrangeAnimation
    iKillborn2kilNOE 11 December 2019

    Jesus christ this shieet is so good and now I'm frantically looking answers on where this film is being released. 3 more days!? Gotta spread the word

  81. OrangeAnimation
    Marky mark 11 December 2019

    I'm confused, this would be an amazing film if the whole film is written like this without messing up the ending.. is it being made???

  82. OrangeAnimation
    Dale Stennett 11 December 2019

    Looks amazing but typical police whether it's real life or not that is a prime example of police always using excessive force and deliberately making the issue bigger than it is

  83. OrangeAnimation
    Josh Greer 11 December 2019

    Love the xmen franchise

  84. OrangeAnimation
    ian 11 December 2019

    Congratulations! 👍🔥

  85. OrangeAnimation
    Pandacat 666 12 December 2019

    BLASPHEMY! han is dead. in a car crash we all saw that in tokyo drift

  86. OrangeAnimation
    MOONLIGHT SHADOW 12 December 2019

    In the future…
    Robots don't discriminate.
    No special privileges for you white boy.

  87. OrangeAnimation
    Glenn Angel 12 December 2019

    Well you can tell why they wanted to make a movie about this 👌

  88. OrangeAnimation
    Rascal W. 12 December 2019

    Made up they are making this a real movie.

  89. OrangeAnimation
    CITYGROUPTV 12 December 2019

    Ok where is Magneto he needs to protect his mutants.

  90. OrangeAnimation
    Mario 12 December 2019

    Dont make a movie, make a tv series. Atleast 5 seasons of it 😀

  91. OrangeAnimation
    xslayer14 12 December 2019

    Life under liberal democratic rule at its best, most of the population in the poor house with no way out!!!!

  92. OrangeAnimation
    Zunaid Ahmed 12 December 2019

    if you see a comment that says "Who's here after watching <video name>" or "Who's watching it on <year> " , Please dislike those bastards

  93. OrangeAnimation
    Rem Stonehead 13 December 2019

    Unfortunately, this movie isn’t so far from reality..

  94. OrangeAnimation
    Fabrice Rwank 13 December 2019

    Am confused ; is this movie released already or not?

  95. OrangeAnimation
    Allheart8705 13 December 2019

    Fuckin badass

  96. OrangeAnimation
    Ismael P. 13 December 2019

    3 años después llegaron hacer la serie. 👌🏻

  97. OrangeAnimation
    Pando 13 December 2019


  98. OrangeAnimation
    Thundergod6088 13 December 2019

    Very Good

  99. OrangeAnimation
    Politically correct speech isn’t my thing, fk off 13 December 2019

    why didn't he EMP from the start? retarded movie and plot
    also who wants to see more police brutality? there's enough shit to deal with in real life

  100. OrangeAnimation
    Raizo Naville 13 December 2019

    1:46 is that the cop, Hans partner? Haha

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