Porter Robinson & Madeon – Shelter (Official Video) (Short Film with A-1 Pictures & Crunchyroll)

Shelter tells the story of Rin, a 17-year-old girl who lives her life inside of a futuristic simulation completely by herself in infinite, beautiful loneliness. Each day, Rin awakens in virtual reality and uses a tablet which controls the simulation to create a new, different, beautiful world for herself. Until one day, everything changes, and Rin comes to learn the true origins behind her life inside a simulation.
Porter Robinson & Madeon – Shelter (Official Video) (Short Film with A-1 Pictures & Crunchyroll)

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Original Story by: Porter Robinson

Music: Porter Robinson and Madeon

Storyboard Animation Director: Toshihumi Akai

Character Design Drawing Director: Megumi Kouno

Rin – Sachika Misawa

Original Pictures: Megumi Kouno

Motion Picture Examiner: Tomoko Miyata

Motion Pictures: Tomoko Miyata Mizuki Matsuda

A-1 Pictures
Satomi Tabuchi Mika Sugiyama
Seira Yamagishi Kanna Hirayama

ingresA P.A.WORKS
StudioGokumi GIMLET

Color Design: Kazuko Nakashima

Color Setting: Yuko Watanabe
Mai Yamaguchi

Painted by: Asuka Yokota Mayu Morita
Ayaka Nagai Kyoko Hara
Ayaka Murakami Akane Edagawa
Ayaka Suzuki Mana Hokuto

2D Design:
Yohei Miyahara
Kaori Seki

Special Effects: Aya Kubota (Graphinica)

Art Director: Yusuke Takeda (Bamboo)

Art Board:
Harumi Okamoto

Takamasa Masuki
Tsukasa Kakizakai
Izumi Hirabayashi
Surok Chong
Ryusei Nishino
Takumi Sasaki
Aya Sato
Michiko Nakamura

CGI Animation: Yuusuke Noma
You Fukuda
Shigeru Horiguchi

Director of Photography: Yuya Sakuma

Finished by: Takeru Ogihara
Ayaka Shimizu
Satsuki Takahashi
Taichi Nishikawa
Sachiko Ito

Editing: Akinori Mishima (Graphinica)

Sound Recording Director: Akiko Fujita

Sound Effects: Takahisa Ishino
Sound Mixer: Naotsugu Uchida
Sound Editor: Chiharu Kawasaki

Sound Production Manager: Yusuke Watanabe
Sound Recording Production: HALF H.P STUDIO

Production Manager: Kenta Ueuchi
Eri Nakayama

Special Thanks: Kumiko Honma

Executive Producer: Porter Robinson

Producer: Vincent Shortino (Crunchyroll)
Takuma Sugi (Crunchyroll)
Masanori Miyake
Akira Shimizu
Takamitsu Inoue

Animation Producer: Yuichi Fukushima

Animation Production: A-1 Pictures

Shelter the Animation: Behind the Scenes Interviews – https://youtu.be/CeprkZEQQAU

Lyrics :

i could never find the right way to tell you
have you noticed i’ve been gone?
cause i left behind the home that you made me
but i will carry it along

mm it’s a long way forward
so trust in me
i’ll give them shelter like you’ve done for me
and i know i’m not alone
you’ll be watching over us
until you’re gone

when i’m older i’ll be silent beside you
I know that words are not enough
and they won’t need to know our names or our faces
but they will carry on for us


あなたがしてくれたように 彼らにもシェルターを与えるよ



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  1. OrangeAnimation
    unknown video 8 December 2019

    Kawaii :3

  2. OrangeAnimation
    mari 8 December 2019

    Eu vim do gato galacto

  3. OrangeAnimation
    Danik Moldavin 8 December 2019

    yo I just realized that the swing isn't in the picture she drew, which goes along with why the town appeared on accident and she got a message after 7 years of being in the simulation so the father planned for this to happen and I think that's what makes me cry

  4. OrangeAnimation
    yen yen 8 December 2019

    I don't know why but i just had a sudden urge to listen to this again..

  5. OrangeAnimation
    Holly Tech 8 December 2019

    Which anime os this ??name ??

  6. OrangeAnimation
    Red jay 8 December 2019

    I think it is Bad end…..😩

  7. OrangeAnimation
    Eugene Villaluz 8 December 2019

    I'm gonna watch this every year and listen the song in spotify so that I can remember this 2019

  8. OrangeAnimation
    good broker 8 December 2019

    I love this music

  9. OrangeAnimation
    Zac Dear 8 December 2019

    Me the first half of the video: wow this is so cool
    Me the other half of the video: OMG IS TOO SAD BUT IT TOO GOOD😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  10. OrangeAnimation
    Starlight 8 December 2019


  11. OrangeAnimation
    Ryan Chang 8 December 2019

    : )

  12. OrangeAnimation
    Fernando Zeno Miranda 8 December 2019

    When you watch the video just to listen the song and it ends up spoiling all the anime. 😕😕😕

  13. OrangeAnimation
    Ellaina Laparl 8 December 2019

    It's short but I love it 😭😊

  14. OrangeAnimation
    I_Lack_Stupidity ‘,:] 8 December 2019

    So… how is she still even alive? How long will she live? What will happen if she somehow wakes up? What will happen if the thing she’s in breaks or malfunctions? Where is it taking her? Is it just floating aimlessly in space? Does she even have any water? If she has food & water, how would it be enough to last forever for her?
    What will happen to her if it lands on a planet?
    Why doesn’t she have any folded clothes for her just in case?
    I HAVE TOO MANY QUESTIONS! If i add more, then I still had more, I just want answers DAMN IT!
    Add- on questions:
    How does the thing she’s in stay powered up? How does she have enough oxygen (”if there even is any”) does it have any fuel? Any gas masks? What would it need to have in order for her to stay alive without any awareness of being in that thing? Would it have to be warm? What if there’s no temp? Wouldn’t she die of hypothermia or some shit?

  15. OrangeAnimation
    Princess Havoc 8 December 2019

    this is my wifu

  16. OrangeAnimation
    pink passos 8 December 2019

    É de algum anime ?

  17. OrangeAnimation
    Stormfly AA 8 December 2019

    Taking SAO to a whole other level

  18. OrangeAnimation
    Sadie Holt 9 December 2019

    Please don't tell me I'm the only one who cries everytime they watch this xd

  19. OrangeAnimation
    Ryaaz Haidar 9 December 2019

    Siapa yg kesini abis liat meme? Heheh

  20. OrangeAnimation
    MWLヅOß 9 December 2019


  21. OrangeAnimation
    mustang 9 December 2019

    damn ninjas cutting onions again

  22. OrangeAnimation
    Anime.Lover 9 December 2019

    this is cruel , the dad indeed save the daughter but is make her suffer the loneliness for the rest of her life dont know what love and happiness is . sad

  23. OrangeAnimation
    Ko Ye 9 December 2019


  24. OrangeAnimation
    るあ 9 December 2019


  25. OrangeAnimation
    Angy Rodriguez Castellini 9 December 2019

    This reminds me at my dad i lost him when i was 12 years old i hope to see u again😢

  26. OrangeAnimation
    Apple 9 December 2019

    no commer no commer no commer no commer

  27. OrangeAnimation
    Cong Tranvan 9 December 2019

    This is robot

  28. OrangeAnimation
    Bacon RB 9 December 2019

    Gosh this video gets me all the time.

  29. OrangeAnimation
    Akhil Madhunlall 9 December 2019

    This has broken me repeatedly

  30. OrangeAnimation
    Akhil Madhunlall 9 December 2019

    I'm gonna keep coming back aaaaaaaaahhhhhh

  31. OrangeAnimation
    Krystian 9 December 2019

    But wait, when the girl is 7 at the beginning (3:57) and then lives for 2539 days in the Shelter ( 0:46) , that would be around 7 (6,95) years, how could she be 17 years old? (written in the description)

    So I think that they could have made a mistake while writing the number and that there should be written 3539 days.
    Furthermore, 3578 days is getting closer and closer to her birthday (3652,5 days it would be), that was shortly before she remembered about her life on the earth.
    We could see it as a factor for her to regain her memory.

    But on the other side, it was after her birthday when her father put her into the shelter, which would match up whit the 2578 days because that would be like 20 days after her 14th birthday. But not 17th at all.

  32. OrangeAnimation
    Trash Gamer Br. 9 December 2019

    some one has to make this a anime series, or a film; like she found a human colony, in other planet, and fighting to rebuild the human civilization.

  33. OrangeAnimation
    Samuel colunga 9 December 2019

    whats that sphere-shaped object in the sky?

  34. OrangeAnimation
    PeaTea 10 December 2019

    What the hell. I feel more fulfilled from this 6 minute long short than full anime shows with several seasons. This was expertly done. I honestly love it.

  35. OrangeAnimation
    DolphinBlade 10 December 2019

    The 11k dislikes are from people full of tears that made their version blurry to see so they clicked the dislike button instead of the like button

  36. OrangeAnimation
    xXxYaBoiWindeXx 10 December 2019

    Such nostalgia, still one of my favorites

  37. OrangeAnimation
    Always Winchester 10 December 2019

    Este video siempre me hace llorar. aiuda

  38. OrangeAnimation
    peepeebutt poopybutt 10 December 2019

    Man… I was 13 when this came out. Feels like yesterday

  39. OrangeAnimation
    JoOny Skate 10 December 2019

    3 años han pasado y me di cuenta a penas que se escucha como que un mini respiro en el minuto 5:34 aun que no creo que le interese eso a la gente o no sea de verdad un respiro y yo me lo imagine.
    confírmelo para saber si es que no estoy loco o si :/ :/

  40. OrangeAnimation
    Alcyone 10 December 2019

    single anime dads… Shelter, Clannad, Violet Evergarden, Sweetness and Lightning… 😭

  41. OrangeAnimation
    Mike Jones 10 December 2019

    Reality can be whatever I want

  42. OrangeAnimation
    TWHEuDopeS 10 December 2019

    Play this in my funeral

  43. OrangeAnimation
    Enigma cartoon 10 December 2019

    Que historia tan decepcionante, pero pegadiza canción.

  44. OrangeAnimation
    naufal aulia 10 December 2019

    Just 6 minute this video can make me cry :((

  45. OrangeAnimation
    TumbaZurio V 10 December 2019

    omg la primera vez que veo el video y no solo la musica . Solo queria dejar de pensar en la pesadilla que tuve. No deprimirme por una loli en un mundo posapocaliptico

  46. OrangeAnimation
    nailail 10 December 2019

    utekku ranyandak maksude opo, tapi apik😭😭😭

  47. OrangeAnimation
    Sangre Dragon 10 December 2019

    como se llama el anime XD

  48. OrangeAnimation
    ItsIván PláyzYT 10 December 2019

    Wait what? Look NO MESSAGES IN 2539 DAYS

  49. OrangeAnimation
    Chandan Bisht 10 December 2019

    I am so happy I met Anime. Anyone else?

  50. OrangeAnimation
    Senpai 10 December 2019

    Holy moly 48 millions views

  51. OrangeAnimation
    Hoske 10 December 2019

    Мне однажды сказали , что пацаны на плачут. Мой ответ удивил всех -Пацаны пусть не плачут , а я мужчина и мне 20 и я могу себе позволить поплакать вдоволь !!!! T_T

  52. OrangeAnimation
    skylighthero 10 December 2019

    I was here the day the video came out its been three years already. Time goes fast…..

  53. OrangeAnimation
    ꧁めねこちゃん꧂ UwU 10 December 2019

    The song is perfect

    Cute (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤ si que es linda la canción jejeje :b

  54. OrangeAnimation
    Anna Lindstrom 10 December 2019

    I wasn't crying i was doing so good, and then they put the teddy bear in with her. Dang that hurt.

  55. OrangeAnimation
    I’m Your Biological Brother 10 December 2019

    The only way to save her is “Parallel Universe”

  56. OrangeAnimation
    Papuko 11 December 2019

    Every time when i listen this song I feel better.

  57. OrangeAnimation
    ღAva-Show studiosღ 11 December 2019

    I've been hearing this for All meh life science when the royale high old school get away and I heard this in music box I was like this is the music they play so I've been a fan for this so much love you

  58. OrangeAnimation
    M R B A T S – H E N T A I 11 December 2019

    I still listen to this. So amazing!!!❤🔥🔥

  59. OrangeAnimation
    The Grim Reaper 11 December 2019

    Everyone be talking about how sad this video is or sharing their thoughts here, and theres me here fangirling Misawa Sachika non-stop

  60. OrangeAnimation
    I Am Absolute Trash 11 December 2019

    The real question is…

    Who sent her the message?!

  61. OrangeAnimation
    i’m an army and i’m proud and always be 11 December 2019

    Damn been so long

  62. OrangeAnimation
    Pyrogue 11 December 2019

    If any of us were the father, would you really want her to remember you though? That would just make her realize her depressing reality.

  63. OrangeAnimation
    Anime rng 11 December 2019

    Sad song

  64. OrangeAnimation
    newlife 11 December 2019

    강원도가 생각나는 노래네요

  65. OrangeAnimation
    Đình Vũ Nguyên Nguyễn 11 December 2019


  66. OrangeAnimation
    Cris H 11 December 2019

    Vai se fude, nunca tanco essa merda

  67. OrangeAnimation
    Sukhjit Zenda 11 December 2019

    Thank you Grandfather.

  68. OrangeAnimation
    santino castillo 11 December 2019

    I would've made the spaceship for myself

  69. OrangeAnimation
    Thomas Gabriel 11 December 2019

    the ending was so dark. It gave me chills

  70. OrangeAnimation
    Saima Khowaja 11 December 2019

    NO NO NO NOOOOO NOOOO NO NO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! It can’t end like this 😢💔

  71. OrangeAnimation
    Christian Puga 12 December 2019

    when i manage to build a drone

    i'm going to send it to space to find her

  72. OrangeAnimation
    Ko Ye 12 December 2019

    Please produce a film with another song about wht will happen next. I want to see .please

  73. OrangeAnimation
    Kevin Calunsag 12 December 2019

    I wanna believe that this mv is part of the anime: Astra lost in space, but it seems too impossible.

  74. OrangeAnimation
    ArtSubtitle 12 December 2019

    If u stop at 4:34 You can see a rocket that just took off

  75. OrangeAnimation
    Andy Cromwel 12 December 2019

    We need a follow up to this where she gets recovered (not by her dad) but then goes to the place that the survivors are and find out her dad was the person who organised that but my mans mega scientist is dead but he’s the hero of the survivors. Or her dad comes to get her. SHIT AT THIS POINT I DONT CARE SOMEONE GO RECOVER HER

  76. OrangeAnimation
    Christina Alvarez 12 December 2019

    This was one of the first songs we (husband and I) heard together when we started dating and it was our grand entrance song at our wedding reception 😀

  77. OrangeAnimation
    OverXShoot 12 December 2019

    Best (╥﹏╥)

  78. OrangeAnimation
    riyan saputra 12 December 2019

    Im not crying :')

  79. OrangeAnimation
    Reshma Kora 12 December 2019

    Tall me the anime name please

  80. OrangeAnimation
    E¡rikThaBoi 12 December 2019

    beautiful just like i remember

  81. OrangeAnimation
    Gabriel Reyes 12 December 2019

    So we're she poop or it's hava a puberty I guess you know what I meangus puberty it they have blood in butt

  82. OrangeAnimation
    pony pie:3 12 December 2019

    WHY THIS VIDEO So preatty! MAKE ME SAD. I wanna cryed. So.. can you make video like this more? HUAAAAAA

  83. OrangeAnimation
    Mie Woif ๖ۣۜGacha 12 December 2019

    Wwhat is that song? :3?

  84. OrangeAnimation
    Anime Senpai Fx!! 12 December 2019

    I guess I am the only one who didn't cry!!

  85. OrangeAnimation
    yes 12 December 2019

    This is the translation of the letter at the end from r/anime:

    To Rin

    From : Dad

    There was just so little time left after you were born.

    I don't know how much love I managed to pour into raising you after your mother died…

    But your smile kept me going. (^_^)

    I would like to have come with you, but I couldn't.

    I wanted you to forget everything and move on… I knew you'd be alright.

    But you'll get lonely, and remember.

    I know you'll grow strong, and read this letter some day.

    I really wish we could have spent more time together. I'm sorry.

    You were so young back then, too young to understand what they meant. So let me repeat…

    My final words to you.

    Took this from a dude on gogoanime

  86. OrangeAnimation
    Holopsicon 12 December 2019

    Ela foi salva de uma colisão planetária. Mas eu achei cruel essa simulação de realidade.

  87. OrangeAnimation
    Nicholas Flint 12 December 2019
  88. OrangeAnimation
    Rextrexgamer Yologamer 12 December 2019

    I still cry to this video cause of the way they made this beautiful masterpiece. And by knowing the meaning and the story its just ahhhh

  89. OrangeAnimation
    Kalabur ENT 12 December 2019

    I get choked up every time I watch this. Incredible idea.

  90. OrangeAnimation
    jellybelly jason 13 December 2019

    ya know my biggest fear is being completely alone. just being locked away with no one to talk to. its really fucking scary to think about, for me anyway.

  91. OrangeAnimation
    PrinceVegeta759 13 December 2019

    Came listened to the audio and really wanted to watch the video again… 3 years later after the first watch and it still hits me hard in the feels. Thanks Porter, Madeon, and A1 Studios for such a masterpiece. ♥️

  92. OrangeAnimation
    Jay Tag-at 13 December 2019

    Plzzz make this an actual anime it should be awesome to know about rin and her dad before the disaster and im sure if this is an actual anime then i guarantee that this will be sold out fast

    Ps. Please don't flame me bcoz of my words thnx

  93. OrangeAnimation
    Chi Dang Van 13 December 2019

    Better than sao simulation

  94. OrangeAnimation
    Rakun Sapu 13 December 2019

    To be honest he should've let her stay on earth… That would make her and her family be happy in heaven together, wouldn't it?

  95. OrangeAnimation
    Rakun Sapu 13 December 2019

    4:42 rin crying and the reflection of the planet colliding with earth…. 😭

  96. OrangeAnimation
    cheremmy 13 December 2019

    ok first of all-
    This is amazing!
    Learning Rins backstory was heart breaking to me wth-
    and i never thought that she was living in outerspace all these years
    I feel you rin-

  97. OrangeAnimation
    Tris Nadi 13 December 2019

    7 years , alone 😭

  98. OrangeAnimation
    maharani lutfiah 13 December 2019

    I couldn't find the right way to tell you

    December 13 2019

  99. OrangeAnimation
    xX Demonic Cookies Xx 13 December 2019

    Am I the only one who didn't cried?

    I mean it's a beautiful Animation and stuff, but it's also boring tbh lmao

  100. OrangeAnimation
    Лисичка Шоу 13 December 2019

    Я прослезилась

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