Left Alive – The Garmoniyan Invasion Trailer

Check out the latest trailer from the upcoming survival action shooter, and get a glimpse of the Garmoniyan invasion of Novo Slava. Left Alive will be released on March 5 for PS4 and PC.

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  1. OrangeAnimation 14/01/2019


  2. OrangeAnimation 14/01/2019

    Interesting. But I need more info

  3. OrangeAnimation 14/01/2019

    I thought that was the unsc falcon for a moment ;))) dont be like infinite warfare

  4. OrangeAnimation 14/01/2019

    Armored Core vibes a bit.

    • OrangeAnimation 15/01/2019

      Jzilla, the mind behind this game is Toshifumi Nabeshima, one of the men behind the Armored Core series.

  5. OrangeAnimation 14/01/2019

    Lost Planet 4 looks good

  6. OrangeAnimation 14/01/2019

    Shit trailer!

  7. OrangeAnimation 14/01/2019

    Switch port?

  8. OrangeAnimation 14/01/2019

    Deus Ex: Russia looks great

  9. OrangeAnimation 15/01/2019

    metal armored survived

  10. OrangeAnimation 15/01/2019

    This better not be a real time strategy game!

  11. OrangeAnimation 15/01/2019

    Front Mission.

    • OrangeAnimation 15/01/2019

      To bad we will likely never have a normal Front Mission ever again, You think they use here heads and take some Elements from x-com and make a new strategy Front mission game

  12. OrangeAnimation 15/01/2019

    Left Alive is going to be a cult classic.

  13. OrangeAnimation 15/01/2019

    Why the helmet looks like on him wearing a military hat with earflaps? Ahaha. In the army these wear. But helmet the why to do in such a-style? XD I am Glad that generally make the game about the Russian.

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