Civilization VI: Gathering Storm – First Look: Sweden Video

Get a look at the Swedish civilization and its leader, Kristina, one of nine new leaders in the upcoming expansion. Civilization VI: Gathering Storm will be released on February 14 for PC.

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  1. OrangeAnimation 15/01/2019

    Now we wait for pewdiepie mod.

  2. OrangeAnimation 15/01/2019

    i thouight it was called somaleden

  3. OrangeAnimation 15/01/2019

    islam the dominant religion in sweden….. this game is so accurate

  4. OrangeAnimation 15/01/2019

    Thank god CIV isnt about modern civilization and is instead about society as a whole instead, lmao

  5. OrangeAnimation 16/01/2019

    Sweden's special ability is suicide by 3rd world immigration: in only 50 turns the whole country becomes barbarians.

    • OrangeAnimation 16/01/2019

      You're right, that's why they have the highest literacy rate in the world, some of the best (universal) healthcare and education in the world, a low poverty rate, low crime rate and one of the best economies in the EU. The Sweden is beating the US and most of Europe in quality of life by a mile, and outsiders have been claiming it's "overrun with immigrants" since the fucking 90's. Get fucked, dullard.

    • OrangeAnimation 16/01/2019

      +Infranaut As a swede I can tell you that you are uterlly full of it. No, just no.

    • OrangeAnimation 16/01/2019

      +sarkasmt2 But you do have all that stuff. For real, look up the data. Compared to most of Europe and the World Sweden is thriving.

      It's not my fault you ALSO want all the immigrants out, crybaby.

  6. OrangeAnimation 16/01/2019

    Auto-theming…? So Sweden's unique ability is that they get to just ignore a major mechanic of the game?

  7. OrangeAnimation 16/01/2019

    Well… I'm annoyed. So many epic lords of war kings of Sweden throughout history. And you pick some fat bitch no swede has ever heared about. Gee, thanks.

  8. OrangeAnimation 16/01/2019

    Gustav Vasa would've been better

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