Creature Sculpting & Exploration of Forms – Brett Briley “Spark” – Episode 15

For this demo I continued with the characture I created in episode 14, developing the shapes and forms while adding detail. With that in mind, I made sure to have a consistent design/story through the body to tie things together continuing my hornet/alien creation. Finally I started PolyPainting showing some spotlight techniques to use a photo as a color palette of choice. This is the second part episode of this creature, so I plan for the next episode to finalize the PolyPaint, and take him into posing for final design.

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  1. OrangeAnimation 01/12/2018

    Fantastic silhouette, details, and colors. Nice work. Do you have the tutorial that focuses on Transpose master? It annoys me too much. Sometimes I can only sculpt under asymmetrical way. Thank you.

    • OrangeAnimation 03/12/2018

      Hey Taibin, I don't have one dedicated to just Transpose, but I try in each episode to show a quick rundown on it. I hope they help, but in my next episode I will be posing this creature into an environment which will go into more detail.

  2. OrangeAnimation 08/12/2018

    3D Max maYa

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