SIGGRAPH 2018 – International Resources

At each year’s SIGGRAPH Conference, the ACM SIGGRAPH International Resources Committee (IRC) hosts the International Center, which includes a visitor-services booth to welcome our international visitors, a lounge, and the ACM SIGGRAPH Theater: a space for meetings, talks, panels and demos, including the popular Women in CG Panel.

Year-round, outside of the ACM SIGGRAPH conferences, the International Resources Committee facilitates worldwide collaboration in the ACM SIGGRAPH community and encourages participation in all of the programs and events that are part of ACM/ ACM SIGGRAPH.

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VR Theater at SIGGRAPH 2018

VR Theater at SIGGRAPH 2018

The SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Festival celebrates the rise of computer graphics as a medium for storytelling, not just in animation, but also in visual effects for movies and games. In 2017, the Computer Animation Festival expanded to include the VR Theater. In its second year, the VR Theater...

SIGGRAPH 2018 – Appy Hour

SIGGRAPH 2018 - Appy Hour

In this SCOOP segment, Jesse Barker, one of this year's Appy Hour Co-Chairs (with Christine Holmes), is kind enough to tell us more about the techno-social soirée that is Appy Hour. During Appy Hour, the latest mobile app creations are on tap for attendees to test drive and share their feedback...

SIGGRAPH 2018 – Immersive Pavilion: “Welcome to Light Fields”

SIGGRAPH 2018 - Immersive Pavilion: "Welcome to Light Fields"

This segment features an interview with Daniel Erickson of Google discussing their project, "Welcome to Light Fields." Light Fields let us experience freedom of motion and realistic reflections and translucence like never before in VR. Explore the Gamble House, Mosaic Tile House, and Space...

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