Did You Know That? LIVE – ZBrush Developer Paul Gaboury – Episode 19

Paul goes through various tips and tricks in ZBrush 2018.1

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  1. OrangeAnimation 31/07/2018


  2. OrangeAnimation 01/08/2018

    Paul is such a great tutor. So funny.

  3. OrangeAnimation 03/08/2018

    He made it so easy to understand . Thanks Paul

  4. OrangeAnimation 03/08/2018

    At https://youtu.be/pSc-N8FRBIY?t=1785 he copied parts and then he applied polygroups for each part. What is a shortcut for that? So, when you have selected part of the object you do what to turn it to other polygroup?

  5. OrangeAnimation 03/08/2018

    Wish someone would do a tutorial on sub tools but explain why certain things happen. I’m trying to understand why the subtool list changes based on my actions or selections. I’ve never seen a tutorial explain these little things that trip up new users. Same thing for adding objects to the canvas which causes the active tool to go away etc. the way you pros navigate objects does my head in.

    • OrangeAnimation 03/08/2018

      Joe, look for Michael Pavlovich tutorials. https://www.youtube.com/user/Pavlovich2005 I think you will get your answer on his channel. Look for playlists and choose what you need. He is really a good tutor too. With great YT channel.

    • OrangeAnimation 05/08/2018

      well, the Intro to Zbrush by mike Pavlovich is a great series to get started. if you still have questions, try visiting a stream and ask there or visit us on the (un)official Zbrush discord. no idea what's wrong with your subtool list (maybe you have collapse on?), but the "adding stuff and everything disappears" sounds like you have solo active and the navigation grows on you after a while, just keep at it 😀

  6. OrangeAnimation 04/08/2018

    I love this ad-hoc question-answer demo jam format (or whatever you call it). It's a great way to learn a variety of features and techniques across-the-board. I hope you do some more in this format! Very educational; thanks!

  7. OrangeAnimation 06/08/2018

    Nice unintentional Zbrush logo at 15:25

  8. OrangeAnimation 09/12/2018

    I miss Paul’s live stream!!!

  9. OrangeAnimation 29/01/2019

    U are brilliant sir…will u keep the tutors next days…I 'll waiting for u sir to get someting clever useful ..

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