T.S. Wittelsbach – Sculpting, 3D Printing & ZBrush – Episode 20

Tune in to learn some techniques Tomas has developed over the many years in the jewelry industry. In this episode he designs a snake piece and a skull ring!

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  1. OrangeAnimation 12/07/2018

    Хорошо рисует человек…. Талант явно от Бога…

  2. OrangeAnimation 14/07/2018

    I just want to express my opinion as a cad jewelry designer, All your work is awesome, but you are not thinking in the size of the piece, doesn't even worth to spend the time be cause of the best printer with the best resolution is not going to give you all that detail, now add the casting, finishing and polishing. Your render to introduce the piece would look awesome but I doubt the real piece is going to look like that, I mean, it would look cool anyway, be cause your designs are really good. think about it. You are making your colleagues jewelers suffer. hahaha. best regards.

    • OrangeAnimation 04/09/2018

      Well im going to have to say… I think it is going to be captured into the final piece, resolution of printers and cnc machines are down to a perfect one to one. I do think thomas should do a video with a one to one comparison with zbrush finished piece and renders. He does say the piece is a test to see if the printer can print out the insane detail, but the trouble is the resin needs to very good as well and thats what the printing guys think they got for testing this ring…we shall see.

  3. OrangeAnimation 14/07/2018

    25:10 what I do to save time when using this technique is save the view with ZAppLink.

  4. OrangeAnimation 17/07/2018

    Beautiful art. Great tips!!

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