Toon | Simple Character Modeling | Cinema 4D Tutorial

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I hope you all enjoyed this Toon Simple Character Modeling Cinema 4D Tutorial! Make sure to like comment and subscribe for more 🙂

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Cinema 4D


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  1. OrangeAnimation 17/06/2018

    Bro, nice video.

  2. OrangeAnimation 18/06/2018

    Wow Genial

  3. OrangeAnimation 23/06/2018

    where can I download the blueprint / picture at the beginning?

  4. OrangeAnimation 26/08/2018

    just try to speak at ur videos and then, number of ur subscribe will be 100k i'm sure at that, a hope i success at ur live man, and hope u do more tutorial videos.

  5. OrangeAnimation 17/09/2018

    super helpful

  6. OrangeAnimation 27/10/2018

    26:00 uh oh

  7. OrangeAnimation 19/11/2018


  8. OrangeAnimation 30/01/2019

    Hello, i am trying to follow your tutorial but i have an issue. When you are modeling in the front perspective, it also affects the object in the side perspective. This is not the case for me, so my question is do you know how to fix that? Thanks and great work.

  9. OrangeAnimation 31/01/2019

    i don't have cloth surface

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