RIVAL: Crimson x Chaos Developers Katon Callaway & David Viola – The ZBrush Podcast Episode 17

RIVAL: Crimson x Chaos Mobile Developers Katon Callaway & David Viola – The ZBrush Podcast Episode 17 – Offline ZPlay

Katon Callaway and David Viola, both mobile game developers and ZBrush artists from Section Studios, join us for another sit down for The ZBrush Podcast!
Katon is RIVAL: Crimson x Chaos’ Game & Art Director over at Section Studios with previous works on the PlayStation God of War games, but you may recognized him from a past Pixologic event. Katon participated in our first ever ZBrush Sculpt-Off back in 2014! You can see 2014’s Sculpt-Off here: https://youtu.be/UbunSpvC3VM
David a lead and character artist at Section with previous experience as a lead artist at Nickelodeon and Nick Jr.
Join us for a behind the scenes chat about RIVAL: Crimson x Chaos and Section Studios from the source! Solomon even get’s a chance to take on Katon and David in a offline ZPlay of the game too, you don’t want to miss it!

See Katon’s & David’s work:

Play the Game:
Google Play Store – http://bit.ly/RIVAL_Google_DL
Apple App Store – http://bit.ly/RIVAL_Apple_DL


Rival: Crimson x Chaos Discord:

Audio Version:
iTunes: http://zbru.sh/1xl
Google: http://zbru.sh/21s
Spotify: http://zbru.sh/2×8
Stitcher: http://zbru.sh/2dn



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