VFX Action Short Film: “Drop Stop” – by Vadim Stolnik

TheCGBros Presents “Drop Stop” – A car drops from the sky and it has no wheels, no parachute, and no time! Created by the talented Vadim Stolnik.

Directed by Vadim Stolnik
My YouTube channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2EGlHBXJBFfyah3lwmfEzQ

Actor: Leonard Apeltsin
Composer: Jody Jenkins
Licensor for the music “Ceaseless Motion ANW2544/3” Audio Network Limited

Hi everyone, my name is Vadim Stolnik. I hope you will enjoy my action film Drop Stop.
I worked on it for 12 months my personal challenge was to learn visual effects in
order to create this movie. It was very challenging but this is exactly why I did it.




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