CGI 3D Animated Short: “MONOLITH” – by Mateusz Kozłowski

Take a look at this CGI 3D Animated short film by Mateusz Kozłowski. The film is about human domination. The main motif of animation and also the title (Monolith) is an allegory of intercourse between genres. After all, people and animals are one body, or one-mono and stonelithium. A big monument, set on an unstable ground, trying to keep the balance is pulled out from all sides.

The main character is a woman covered with a sheet. It is she who, trying to gain the trust of a deer, impersonates him by setting up antlers. In a hypnotic dance, she tries to deceive an unconscious deer. This man is a cunning predator here, and the animal is an innocent victim.

The film explores the relationship between people and animals, but first and foremost, it questions human morality.

Mateusz Kozlowski

Michael Warren




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