Mike Thompson – Illustration by the Way of Sculpture – Episode 8

Mike continues to work on ‘X-Men: Cable’ and pushes the details further in this broadcast!

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  1. OrangeAnimation 22/02/2018

    Looks great!!

  2. OrangeAnimation 22/02/2018

    The only thing i can, "humbly", say is that the cloth wasnt given the proper treatment. What i mean is that cloth doesnt stick to the body like glue, some muscle definition is lost, specially in the chest area, it wouldnt crease around center of the chest, it would stretch from one side to the other, not alot, just a bit.

  3. OrangeAnimation 22/02/2018

    IT LOOMS AMAZING!! BUT I was saying in another comment that the cloth is too tight, it doesnt behave like that, cloth takes alot of the definition. But once its textured the detail is lost anyway… And the job of the detail comes from proper lighting, dont know if thats part of you guys's thought process. Just saying… Im a nobody 😉

    • OrangeAnimation 23/02/2018

      Thanks Romick, not done yet, but I will definitely wrinkle it up a bit more. I am looking at an under armor / speed skater type of fit on his shirt, but I appreciate the feedback man.

    • OrangeAnimation 23/02/2018

      michael thompson again, looks amazing!! I know nothing about sculpting but i have done a bit in blender and maya, was so much fun. But its hard, really have to be talented to do that. Keep up the great work.

  4. OrangeAnimation 23/02/2018


  5. OrangeAnimation 23/02/2018

    Keep missing your live broadcast. Where can I find part 1.

  6. OrangeAnimation 14/03/2018

    Good day sir. Please, can you make a stream showing how to render your models in zbrush, keyshot, what technique you use for each render style and how you setup everything in photoshop ( including how you blend you passes and why) ?

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