SIGGRAPH Now: War for the Planet of the Apes

Join Weta Visual Effects Supervisor Anders Langlands as he discusses the body and facial performance capture used to create the film’s stunning VFX.

This video is part of SIGGRAPH Now, a new series that shares additional educational content from SIGGRAPH Conferences.

Join us in Vancouver, 12-16, 2018 for #SIGGRAPH2018:

Content from “War for the Planet of the Apes,” courtesy Weta Digital VFX © 2017 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All rights reserved.


Special thanks to the students at Cogswell College for intro motion graphics.

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  1. OrangeAnimation 13/12/2017

    Man, this is incredible.

  2. OrangeAnimation 15/12/2017

    More like this please.

  3. OrangeAnimation 15/12/2017

    fantastic workshop

  4. OrangeAnimation 15/12/2017

    They ought to get the oscar for special effects this year.

  5. OrangeAnimation 15/12/2017

    what do they use to groom hair?

  6. OrangeAnimation 16/12/2017

    Thanks toi. It's wonderfull

  7. OrangeAnimation 17/12/2017

    Amazing !!!

  8. OrangeAnimation 17/12/2017

    Just WOW!!

  9. OrangeAnimation 18/12/2017

    So insightful. So talented. So well-spoken.

  10. OrangeAnimation 18/12/2017

    Such a detailed and high quality stuff!

  11. OrangeAnimation 18/12/2017

    Awesome 😀

  12. OrangeAnimation 19/12/2017

    amazIng work

  13. OrangeAnimation 19/12/2017

    Yes truly amazing work too bad most people have this hate towards CGI nowadays, i see on most youtubers even though they have no clue how it's made, most of them think it requires no skill and it involves just one programmer typing code.
    They have no appreciation for anything and don't realize that artists digitally sculpt ( just as skillful as traditional sculpting but faster), digitally texture(just as skillful as drawing and painting but faster) and animate the characters plus the VFX side and the rendering side, i guess it a common trait not to appreciate technology and take everything for granted.

  14. OrangeAnimation 21/12/2017

    Impressive, can't wait to the time we bring this to Real Time.

  15. OrangeAnimation 23/12/2017

    No excuse for shitty CG characters anymore. None.

  16. OrangeAnimation 24/12/2017

    It's superb!!

  17. OrangeAnimation 29/12/2017

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Amazing Weta is the best

  18. OrangeAnimation 04/01/2018

    Stunning work – such skill and understanding. Incredible.

  19. OrangeAnimation 04/01/2018

    The technology is unbelievable brilliant cast

  20. OrangeAnimation 04/01/2018

    Wonderful closing lines… 🙂

  21. OrangeAnimation 06/01/2018

    He's a reptile!

  22. OrangeAnimation 04/02/2018

    koba clearly disliked this video

  23. OrangeAnimation 05/02/2018

    Honestly CGI has never looked convincing and still doesn't. Even with the enormous advances in lighting, texturing, animation, physics, and overall graphical power, we just can't achieve 'true' realism.

    What makes reality in its totality look real? We are definitely missing something.

    • OrangeAnimation 09/05/2018

      Because the key factor and the last piece of the puzzle is difficult to erase – knowing it's not real before hand. When we know it was fake our mind starts to see it that way. There are a lot of invisible effects that go unseen in vfx.

  24. OrangeAnimation 19/04/2018

    i forgot how much i fucking loved this movie

  25. OrangeAnimation 04/06/2018

    Whenever I start to feel like I want to get into VFX, I watch a video like this and then go: NOPE

  26. OrangeAnimation 16/09/2018

    That's impressive

  27. OrangeAnimation 07/10/2018

    it almost sounds like they are writing tools along the way

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