Mike Thompson – Illustration by the Way of Sculpture – Episode 3

Mike uses ZBrush and Keyshot to render out an image to bring into Photoshop for painting. Watch him bring color to the ‘Princess (Jun)’ and learn his techniques along the way!

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  1. OrangeAnimation 14/12/2017

    Mike -I'm so glad you showed this side of the pipeline. PS rendering with Zbrush is a wonderful workflow and needs more exposure.

  2. OrangeAnimation 14/12/2017

    IT character design with Zbrush :

  3. OrangeAnimation 14/12/2017

    i know its odd but, did he upload his photoshop brushes somewhere?

  4. OrangeAnimation 14/12/2017

    This is great man, your a super nice guy and are great at explaining your workflow. — Awesome stream

  5. OrangeAnimation 15/12/2017

    where these oil brushes? I usually do them with them too ART RAGE.. for photoshop? thanks!

  6. OrangeAnimation 15/12/2017

    Great video Mike. I like to use Daz3D (free program) or Poser (costs $$) to get the pose and save/export it as an OBJ file which I can import/open in Zbrush to customize, then go into Photoshop, Painter (big $$$) or Clipstudio (under $100) to do the finished illustration.
    You can see some examples at carlkocich.com or #carlkocich on instagram.

    • OrangeAnimation 17/12/2017

      Carl Kocich awesome. Daz was my gate way into zbrush. Early on, my workflow was very close to what you are using.

  7. OrangeAnimation 15/12/2017

    Thank you for surfacing up,do like you're videos.

  8. OrangeAnimation 15/12/2017

    Love your videos, especially when you have snafus. It's really helpful to see issues because then we can see how to deal with them. Your work is phenomenal! Keep up the videos please 🙂

    • OrangeAnimation 17/12/2017

      Joy G thanks for hanging in there Joy, I'm pretty comfortable with the idea of live streaming now.Hah.

  9. OrangeAnimation 15/12/2017

    Is that a wacom cintiq ?

    • OrangeAnimation 17/12/2017

      George Ioria M. Uzoma yep, 27QHD

    • OrangeAnimation 17/12/2017

      thanks! You are very good, two questions. How many hours take you for complete Jun? And how many years take you for become this good ?

    • OrangeAnimation 17/12/2017

      George Ioria M. Uzoma the Jun sculpt was just a personal piece I was working on in my spare time, so it it hard to say how long it took. I'll be creating the other characters in furutre zbl streams, so you can get a better idea by tuning back in. Hah. I've been drawing and painting since I was a kid, so that probably helps.

    • OrangeAnimation 17/12/2017

      michael thompson I'll Will watch. You are very good thank you for reply.

  10. OrangeAnimation 15/12/2017

    "error has been encountered while trying to load the file. Loading has been aborted"


    error how to fix the error ?? then how to recover my quick save file

  11. OrangeAnimation 15/12/2017

    Can you share mat cap you used

  12. OrangeAnimation 17/12/2017

    This is a great series Mike, keep it up!
    It's great to see more exposure for this kind of illustration technique.

  13. OrangeAnimation 21/12/2017

    Bringing back some child memories…

  14. OrangeAnimation 25/01/2018

    I have another question. How do you smooth out your skin perfectly? without having unevenness and wrinkles ?

  15. OrangeAnimation 15/10/2018

    did he ever say how he did his key shot custom material

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