SIGGRAPH 2017 Real-Time Live! Trailer

Real-Time Live! at #SIGGRAPH2017 is an interactive extravaganza that celebrates real-time achievements at the intersection of ingenious technical skills and creative beauty, Real-Time Live! showcases the latest trends and techniques for pushing the boundaries of interactive visuals.

This year’s event features a variety of content, including innovative workflows, new simulation techniques, virtual collaboration tools, VR game rendering solutions, photorealistic rendering tools and more.

Content will be judged at the event and the winner will be announced that evening in real-time!

Be there in Los Angeles, 1 August at 6:00 p.m.

More information is available at

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  1. OrangeAnimation 06/07/2017

    can't wait to see the realtime fluids

  2. OrangeAnimation 06/07/2017

    That looks cool but I really don't fancy the music..

  3. OrangeAnimation 08/07/2017

    looks great and very interesting, that music is shit

  4. OrangeAnimation 21/07/2017

    The music is annoying as hell. :/ Lucky to be the first one to dislike it

  5. OrangeAnimation 09/01/2018

    My ears !!

  6. OrangeAnimation 23/05/2018

    that SSRTGI is verry impressive… the optimization behind it is really outstanding.
    Is it raytracing or some kind of photon volume diffusion based process ?
    really nice job

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