Manatjosef Khamphan – Look-dev Lighting TD & Compositing demo reel 2016

My name is Manatjosef Khamphan I recently graduated from rangsit University Thailand.
This is my Student Work that I made, especially on the short film “The Wasted”
that I Director and production with 3 others students.

## The Wasted (2016)
This is my graduation Thesis project where I was the Director and doing some concept
I responsible for Tiling & Procedural Texture , shading, lighting, rendering, Compositing and some Enviroment.
Software used: Maya,Zbrush, Vray, substance painter,photoshop, Knald , Houdini , Nuke

## Wasps (2015)
This is my final working on 2015
That I didn’t know how to use the renderpass at all.
what you see is just 1 master and 1 Zdepth pass.
Software used: maya, photoshop,After effect.

## The normal Peg every home had (2014)
It’s was nearly 2015 and after this project I make a goal to mastering vray Before I graduate.
This was the first project I used Houdini on. I simulated, shaded and rendered the dust effects.
Software used: maya,uvlayout,photoshop,vray,after effect

Music : Keroro Gunsou – Original Sound Kerock 2 “subaltern”

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