3ds Max Basic Modeling Boolean Operations

In this video we are going to explain the basics behind working with Boolean Operations in 3ds Max. More notable is that we will go over how to use the geometry so you don’t end up with issues in your geometry.

Original Post at: http://www.dkcgi.net/2016/01/18/3ds-max-basic-modeling-techniques/

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  1. OrangeAnimation 18/01/2016

    Nice tips…. keep up the goood work

    • OrangeAnimation 18/01/2016

      +Hildevar Martins As long as you guys like them and watch them, i'll keep making them

  2. OrangeAnimation 18/01/2016

    Another great tutorial! Thanks!

  3. OrangeAnimation 20/01/2016


  4. OrangeAnimation 20/01/2016

    эх, еще бы "next video")))

  5. OrangeAnimation 21/01/2016

    Really good tips, yeah I have been told that the boolean messed up the geometry so should stay away from it but watching your vid gave me new appreciation for it, thanks.

  6. OrangeAnimation 22/01/2016

    nice and clear, thanks

  7. OrangeAnimation 02/02/2016

    I don't get it, when you're around minute 9:00 you started explaining how you can modify your object by the boolean operation by making modifications on another object, but i've done exactly what you did and nothing happens.
    I hit extract selected (instance) and when i modify it nothing happens on the first object.

    • OrangeAnimation 28/09/2018

      I have the exact same problem. Besides, I don't have that menu where I can find the edit poly button. Is it the same with "convert to editable poly" ?

    • OrangeAnimation 28/09/2018

      I found the problem, you must choose (from the modifier list) the "edit poly" modifier, otherwise it won't work with the "convert to editable poly". Just tried now and it works exactly as it does in the tutorial.

  8. OrangeAnimation 04/02/2016

    waiting for the next step 🙂 good job!

  9. OrangeAnimation 06/02/2016

    Hi Denis. Great tutorial! Thanks!
    Greetings from Venezuela

  10. OrangeAnimation 12/06/2016

    Thank you for explaining this well, keep it up!

  11. OrangeAnimation 02/07/2016

    I am new to modelling.I have question about how do I use boolean in case of high poly modelling.I mean will it effect my model any issue?

    • OrangeAnimation 02/07/2016

      In high poly modeling using booleans can be a two sided blade as if you don't control the edges you will get a big mess in your geometry

  12. OrangeAnimation 26/07/2016

    But the line?? the extra edge ? how can i delete?

    • OrangeAnimation 27/07/2016

      not sure which line you are addressing but generally the short cut for deleting unwanted lines is ctrl+backspace

    • OrangeAnimation 12/10/2016

      dude ur awesome

    • OrangeAnimation 22/01/2017

      He is not just awesome. He freaking awesome. I still don't understand why he only has 16k of subscribers.
      This tutorials are by far the best i could find on youtube!

    • OrangeAnimation 03/01/2018

      That's what I'm suffering from right now…

  13. OrangeAnimation 25/08/2016

    Max Booleans will constantly let you down, the algorithms perform at such a base level, the prerequisites you need to use in order to prevent errors mean it's quicker to poly model everything, they were exactly the same in Max 3.1, the only thing that has changed are the icons.
    You will quickly become familiar with "nasty geometry" if you use booleans on anything other than basic shapes.
    All you've shown here is in theory Max Booleans are cool, but in practice, and on any mesh with a complexity above a box they are useless, there's nothing you can do with Max Booleans than you couldn't achieve by polymodelling in half the time with no risk of errors….there's a reason everyone hates Max Booleans 😉

  14. OrangeAnimation 04/10/2016

    I like your videos so much , because you are explaining slowly and this very important for beginner , and you are very professional in details .. Thank you soooo much

  15. OrangeAnimation 02/01/2017

    all ur tutorials really helpful.. thanks alot.. 🙂

  16. OrangeAnimation 22/01/2017

    i realy like this video, i just started up with 3D max i found this interessting :)..thank you

  17. OrangeAnimation 16/02/2017

    eyvallah kardeş çok makbule geçti dersin efsane anlatmışın . ( Thank You Amk You are real Man )

  18. OrangeAnimation 29/04/2017

    Max boolean is, and always has been horrible.
    It will give you a nasty case of extra verts… you can get a cream for it though 😉
    Pro-boolean on the other hand used to be a paid for plugin and it blew the standard one away.
    As is usually the case with awesome plugins, Autodesk bought the rights, and it was incorporated into the next version of Max (way back in V6 if I remember right)

  19. OrangeAnimation 18/07/2017

    Boolean is SUCH A SHIT-BAG tool. Never gets it right, unlike Maya's. As soon as you beveled an object, it changes the damn thing ever singel time, regardless whether or not you reset xfrom. It distorts obects after boolean. It's a shitty tool, and the programmers who created it, only got it half right. I've been a Max user for about 17 years now, and though I prefer to use it over Maya, as a modelling tool, I HATE this stupid function. Maybe they got it right in later Max versions, but I've got the 2009 one, and it blows.

    • OrangeAnimation 17/08/2017

      If you saw the loads of tedious and amount of not so easy clean ups I had to do, you'd understand. I worked in both maya and max, for many years now. I prefer the precision of maya.

  20. OrangeAnimation 22/01/2018

    Nice Tuts Bro!!!
    Hey, maybe you need some exercising, tho! :}

    • OrangeAnimation 22/01/2018

      If this comment is due to the heavy breathing .. it's me ticking on the option to cancel out environment noise, and the program amplifies the sound of me breathing. I've had this mentioned in a couple other cases as well.

    • OrangeAnimation 26/01/2018

      xD yeah. it was that!

  21. OrangeAnimation 01/02/2018

    Thank you for your video. Once I finalized the Boolean by converting the object to an edible poly, the program gives me additional edges. So weld stops the webbing effect and allow you the chance to clean it your way? Wow!

  22. OrangeAnimation 22/09/2018

    Wonderful and Subscribed

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