Blender Amaranth plugins to download now

Blender Amaranth plugins to download now

Amaranth 1.0.2 Free
Created by Blender Foundation certified trainer Pablo Vazquez, these tools let you toggle to low-res preview mode, refresh scenes and more.

Features (there are more actually, I’m still documenting them)

  • 3D View

  1. Set Camera Bounds as Render Border
  2. Select Meshlights
  3. Passepartout on Specials menu
  4. Scene, Cameras, and Meshlights Count
  5. Wireframe Toggle
  6. Shading Shortcuts
  • Render

  1. UI: Final Resolution
  2. Unsimplify Render
  3. Remember Layers for Render
  4. Cycles: Samples per Scene
  5. Cycles: Set as Render Samples
  6. Object ID for Dupli Groups
  • Nodes Editor

  1. Display Active Image Node on Image Editor
  2. Node Templates – Vignette
  3. Nodes: XYZ Sliders for Normal Node
  4. Object / Material Indices Panel
  5. Material Selector
  6. Shaders Extra Info
  7. Nodes Stats
  8. Nodes Simplify Panel [WIP Feature]
  • Animation

  1. Jump X Frames on Shift Up/Down
  2. Shortcut: Ctrl+Tab to switch between Dopesheet/Graph Editor
  3. Current Frame Slider
  4. Bone Motion Paths: Match Frame Range + Clear All Paths
  • Scene

  1. Save & Reload File
  2. Refresh Scene
  • Scene: Debug

  1. List Missing Images
  2. List Missing Node Links
  3. List Empty Material Slots
  4. List Cycles Material using X shader
  5. Lamps List
  • File Browser

  1. File Browser > Go to Current Blend’s Folder
  2. File Browser: Libraries Bookmark
  • Timeline

  1. Timeline Extra Info
  • Mesh Editing

  1. Symmetry Tools: Find Asymmetric + Make Symmetric
  • Miscellaneous

  1. Color Management Presets
  2. Dupli Groups UI: Library Path
  3. Sequencer: Display Image File Name
  4. EXR Render: Warn when Z not connected
  • Success Stories

  1. Cycles: Viewport Alpha for Materials
  2. Material Indicator for Particles
  3. Shortcut: Shift + Z for Rendered view


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