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Environments with Character – Stephen Anderson – Episode 14

Environments with Character - Stephen Anderson - Episode 14

Sculpting theme: "Cliffside Scene A La Candyland" Stephen adds more to his Cliffside A La Candyland environment scene on this episode! Stephen's Monthly Schedule Available Here: Learn more about ZBrushLIVE...

Creature & Character Concept Sculpting – Ashley A. Adams “A_Cubed” – Episode 74

Creature & Character Concept Sculpting - Ashley A. Adams "A_Cubed" - Episode 74

Ashley concepts a creature with a unique silhouette in just 4 hours on this episode! Be sure to tune in live to sculpt along or just to hang out! Click the link below to see her new broadcast schedule Ashley's Monthly Schedule Available Here...

Kermaco: Mech Design – Ara Kermanikian – Episode 5

Kermaco: Mech Design - Ara Kermanikian - Episode 5

In this episode, Ara adds more details and renders his mech in Keyshot! I will be sculpting, modeling and designing for 2 hours per session showing some of my workflows and thought processes. The models will mostly be hard surface and yes, there will be some mechs :) Ara's Monthly Schedule...


  1. OrangeAnimation 23/01/2015


  2. OrangeAnimation 23/01/2015

    Thank you once again, Lino, for your superb teaching techniques, very cool features, perfectly explained. Hope to see more videos like that!

  3. OrangeAnimation 23/01/2015


  4. OrangeAnimation 23/01/2015

    NEW Bone Dynamics video tutorial for #lightwave2015

  5. OrangeAnimation 24/01/2015

    Great tool…. Thanks

  6. OrangeAnimation 26/01/2015

    Cool stuff!

  7. OrangeAnimation 27/01/2015

    Really great video.  Keep up the great educational videos NT and Lino!  Cool tech too.

  8. OrangeAnimation 29/01/2015

    Nice tutorial, of course. But why not to show the whole animation of the entire ant? I mean, really, does anybody have an idea – why LW practically does not invest in tutorials? I'm a newbie and I do like the program, its logic and UI, but it's deadly difficult to find any modern project-based courses. Digital Tutors even does not contain such a title as "LightWave". What a shame!!! =((( Well, O.K., let the number of LW tuts would be less, much less than Max's and Maya's ones. But why should we surrender to Modo, Rhino, Blender?… Even Silo. All of them invest in detailed project-based tutorials, but not LW. Why!? I don't think it would be cosmic prices…

    • OrangeAnimation 29/01/2015

      This video is supposed to be an intro to bone dynamics. Some more specific tutorial about the ant will follow.
      But we have to agree with you, more "project based" tutorials are needed. We're working on that.
      Thank you for your feedback.

    • OrangeAnimation 29/01/2015

      Ok, great! Thanx! I'd simply like LW would be more user friendly in terms of educational support, and we'd have more comprehensive courses revealing all aspects of the program.

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