RealFlow 2013 Displacement and Meshes


RealFlow’s Hybrido technology you are able to create impressive large-scale fluid simulations with detailed splashes and turbulent surface structures. Another feature, the so-called ocean statistical spectrum, gives you the ability to add realistic waves to the fluid’s surface. The question is how these two elements can be combined? Which settings do you have to select to remove the surface waves from the splashes? Or what can you do to improve the look of the core fluid and include the fine drops to the mesh?

This tutorial answers all these questions with the help of a complete:

project: Exploding and collapsing concrete pillars interact with the particles of a Hybrido fluid. You will learn how to prepare and optimize objects to get the best results, create fractured rigid bodies, and use RealFlow’s MultiJoint’s system. Finally, you will create a mesh with a turbulent fluid surface and lots of splashes. A comprehensive comparison shows you what a Hybrido mesh node’s settings and parameters produce, and where you have to be careful. The result is a vivid surface with an incredible amount of detail, small surface ripples, and a smooth transition between the statistical spectrum waves and the splashes.

Although all steps of the workflow are shown, we recommend taking a look at the previous tutorials about RealFlow’s Hybrido system and its GUI.

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