CGI VFX Short Film : “ANOTHER WORLD PROJECT 23” by Bartek Hlawka

Check out this awesome short film “ANOTHER WORLD PROJECT 23”, by the talented Bartek Hlawka and team! Based on the video game by Eric Chahi. For more information, please see the details and links below:

Handmade in Poland! Over 800h of work, months of preparation, 5 shooting days, weeks of postproduction, countless hours spent on building movie props and set pieces.
Another World aka Project 23 emerged a few months ago as an idea for a short film inspired by a well-known game Another World . Initialy it was planned as a short promo video for the Pixel Heaven 2014 event, but during months of preparation it became clear that it will be something much bigger.

We have a lot concept designs for most recognizable parts of “Another World”, they are our foundation for the next step of our work – 15+ minutes short film in the “Another World” universe. If you liked our work, please support us by sharing our short film all over the world. Do you think that Another World-the movie kickstarter is a good idea? Please e-mail us and let us know what do you think!

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making of

Director/DP: Bartek Hławka
Original story by: Eric Chahi
Lester: Arek Piwiec
Music: Lazerhawk, Topcut
Editing/Compositing/Color Grading/Props/Set design/VFXŁ Bartek Hlawka
VFX/Motion Graphics –
Kris Rusinek
Lukasz Swierczynski
Lukasz Gdaniec
Kasia Lange
Car: Supercarclub Poland
Drivers: Wojciech Mazur, Mateusz Dłutko
Sound FX: Topcut
Additional VFX: Tomek Gajewski
Set builders: Wito Bałtuszys, Kuba Stanczyk
Set crew: Tomek Gajewski, Adam Krol, Lukasz Ciupa, Marcin Pabiniak, Kamil Pawlicki, Patryk Soczka

Special Thanks: Robert Lapinski, Mikolaj Kosmowski, Agata Rochowska, Jarek Luczak, Pawel Lesiczka, Tomek Olszowski, Bartek Janiszewski, Przemek Kretkowski, Annna Lysczarz-Hyz, Robert Paluch, Kamil Kolodziejczyk, Andrzej Hlawka, Dawid Smieja, Olek Kliber, Lukasz Loco

Music Track – “MartijndeBont-Aggressive Futuristic Rising Trailer-2795”

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