CGI Animated Shorts : “Freewill” – by Quentin Pontillart

Check out the unique rendering style in this CGI Animated Short Film from the talented Quentin Pontillart! It’s about wanting to express the need that some people have to free themselves from the path someone chose for them. And how hard it is to do so.

The film was created in about 6 months for the Supinfocom School, by Quentin Alone. He wanted to focus on the rendering and compositing part. His goal was to give a painterly look to it and kinda erase the 3D feeling.

Software: Mainly 3ds Max and Nuke, the textures and matte painting were done in Photoshop, editing in Avid. It was render using Scanline and V-Ray for volumetrics.

Quentin Website -http:/
Tumblr –
Vimeo –

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