Tips & Tricks Autodesk 3ds Max Design 2014: Populate tips #1: Creating Flows and Intersections

In this series of videos, I will demonstrate various tips and tricks with Populate, the new sets of tools that let you quickly and easily add animated characters to your scene. Tips #1 will guide you through the first step of using Populate; creating flows and flow intersections. Learn how easy it is to add walking characters to your scene.

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  1. OrangeAnimation 25/06/2013

    Are you a 3ds Max Design users? Or maybe you have access to 3ds Max Design in your suite? I have created a series of tips and tricks with Populate, the new sets of tools that let you quickly and easily add animated characters to your scene. Tips #1 will guide you through the first step of using Populate; creating flows and flow intersections. Learn how easy it is to add walking characters to your scene.

  2. OrangeAnimation 25/06/2013

    Populate is also available in 3ds Max

  3. OrangeAnimation 26/06/2013

    Hi.i Cannot see the diagonal arrows what is the reason?and can i take this animation to showcase?
    thank you?

  4. OrangeAnimation 27/06/2013

    Hi Moty, I am not sure by what you mean when you say "diagonal arrows" . Do you mean the pink and blue icons that represent the characters? If you don't see the path or the icons it is because the angle of your path is not supported ( it will be highlighted by orange lines on each side of the path) You need to either redraw the path with a supported angle or add more segment to your path to smooth out the curve angle. Yes you can send these to Showcase. I will post the video related to that.

  5. OrangeAnimation 08/09/2013

    Hallo Marion! Thank you very much for yours videos! I have one questions: it's possible to change the size of the people? Thank you! See you soon, Daniele

  6. OrangeAnimation 09/09/2013

    The logic with populate is that the characters are to created to scale with your project. The only reason why you would want to change the size of the characters is that you are not working within the proper scale.. I would adjust the scale of your project instead. Working within the wrong scale can create further project down the line.. So I suggest you scale your model to the proper scale and then populate people will be created within the proper dimension in relation to your model.

  7. OrangeAnimation 27/11/2013

    hi how to scale it 

  8. OrangeAnimation 30/11/2013

    Hey , i am an Architect by profession so much use of 3ds max ,
    please let me know how can i get this for my 3ds max ?

  9. OrangeAnimation 04/12/2013

    Hello, is there a tutorial for making a camera that moves as the one in the animation? 

  10. OrangeAnimation 07/01/2014

    Hi are there any plans to add/remove agents, like seated agents for example?

  11. OrangeAnimation 23/01/2014

    Hi Marion. I´ve seen your video and followed the instruction but it doesn't work, when I'm doing the path, no matter if it's a straight line or with angles, it doesn't shows me the black lines inside the paths, and orange lines appear in the border. When I click on simulate, nothing happens. How do I solve this? Thanks so much for your video.

  12. OrangeAnimation 21/03/2014

    hi_ شكرا جميل

  13. OrangeAnimation 29/05/2014

    please post a tutorial about material modeling and lighting renderin for exterior a short description on above demand dear Marion Landry
    im beging you please…

    • OrangeAnimation 29/05/2014

      You can look at my channel, there is a specific playlist about rendering with mental ray. You will find information about rendering exterior scenes. Sorry I don't have anything on Modeling but you will find a lot on youtube about that. 

    • OrangeAnimation 30/05/2014

      ok  a big thanks to you
      may i add you as a friend on facebook if you agree?

  14. OrangeAnimation 03/07/2014

    donde puedo encontrar  librerias  con personas en  casual people para 3d max
    que tengan animacion .  

  15. OrangeAnimation 05/07/2014

    great tutorial. very well explained.

  16. OrangeAnimation 23/09/2014

    what is the alternative for max 2011 users ? 

  17. OrangeAnimation 23/09/2014

    Hello, I'm tryin to make an inclinate path, but the ramp tool doesnt make what I need, and I cant rotate the Flow. How Can I make an inclinated flow, or if I have an irregular terrain that goes up an down, how can I make a flow that adaptes to the terrain?

  18. OrangeAnimation 24/09/2014

    HI, Populate path can only go on the maximum inclination that a regular architectural path would go (not that high). Populate doesn't support uneven terrain. I believe you can rotate the path but will need to refresh the simulation of the characters. Same if you move the path. Good luck

  19. OrangeAnimation 29/09/2014

    OMG! and I was looking for a plug-in! and it's RIGHT THERE! I love you! thanks!!!!

  20. OrangeAnimation 08/12/2014

    I using max 2014, when I create the  Populate , the error box pop up >>>"Garbage Collection Error" , Can you have any ideas t o fix it?

  21. OrangeAnimation 16/12/2014

    gud one! but how to scale the peoples instead of scene files!!??

  22. OrangeAnimation 30/12/2014

    hi, is there some way to use populate on hills and trarrains with inclination? a script, plugin, trick method any solution to make the populate down trough a ramp? 

  23. OrangeAnimation 06/01/2015

    سلاو بةريزم باشى ئةحوالت جونة من بيويست بة بةرنامةى سريدى ماكس ديزاينة لةجى سايتيكدا دةستم بةكةويت زور دةست خوش بيت كارةكانت زور باشن عيراق-كوردستان

  24. OrangeAnimation 15/02/2015

    that is some excellent work. Saves a lot of time to reanimate people and paths.

  25. OrangeAnimation 25/10/2015

    Hi Marion and thanks for the tips. A quick question. How can I make a closed circular flow, without people disappearing when reaching the end of it? Is there a way u can connect the start and the end of the flow? I have a wide shot and cannot hide people that disappear.

  26. OrangeAnimation 04/03/2016


  27. OrangeAnimation 22/04/2016

    thank you so much for this, really helpful and brilliant explanation.

  28. OrangeAnimation 14/08/2016

    This feature is a little half baked would be good when a few kinks are ironed out, only allows ramps once in a blue moon and i cant delete a path point once added….edit: I think i get it now, the path section has to be long enough and straight enough to add the ramp and i'm saying at least 10 meters in my case, its still painful to use, I still have not figured out how to delete a point in the path once added.. here's a handy hint for scaling the figures, if they are out of size, with the unit scales. type pop.realworldscale = x, replace x the x with a figure between 1.0 – 100.0, in the listener window. do this first before adding a flow.

  29. OrangeAnimation 19/12/2016

    Hello, Marion Landry

    I would like to know that how can we increase populated crowd ….??

    please tell me as soon as possible.

    thank you

  30. OrangeAnimation 19/12/2016

    "populated crowd size"….

  31. OrangeAnimation 12/02/2017

    thank you

  32. OrangeAnimation 19/02/2017

    Thank you so much, I'm only rendering on 3ds max and I was soooo confused because I tried and it wasnt working! This video saved my life this week ^_^

  33. OrangeAnimation 28/02/2017

    thanks so much for these populate tuts, great video on a great tool. It brought my animation to life

  34. OrangeAnimation 03/09/2018

    eres la mejor, te he entendido todo gracias.

  35. OrangeAnimation 13/09/2018

    help me…how to access civil view in 3ds max 2014………….i can not find this option in menu bar…..

  36. OrangeAnimation 04/10/2018

    Your just Beautiful………………..please subscribe my channel

  37. OrangeAnimation 28/10/2018

    Very beautiful
    Really I like very much
    Nice work Thanks for making videos populate

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